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Introducing direct title to silver with Rush’s proven expertise.

Buy, sell, transfer and gift real gold and silver straight from your phone.

Rush puts control in your hands

Take advantage of unprecedented accessibility and liquidity in real-world assets with the modernity, speed, and convenience of a fintech app.

Direct title to investment grade bullion

The simple way to invest with unrivalled real-world utility.

Diversify your portfolio and preserve your wealth by investing in silver as well as gold, the easy way. Now own direct title to investment-grade silver as well as gold, and benefit from Rush’s track record of expertise and reliability.

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Direct title

Direct title

Investment-grade gold and silver, with 100% legal title.

Low fees

Low fees

Low cost, low vaulting fees and no minimum purchase.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Stored in Australia, insured by Lloyds of London, audited by Bureau Veritas.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Digital app with 24/7 access.

Use it like cash

Use it like cash

Buy, sell, save, transfer, gift.

Proven expertise

Proven expertise

Award-winning investment platform.

Compliant. Secure. Audited. Insured.

  • You are the outright individual owner of physical gold and silver investment-grade bullion
  • Sourced exclusively from refiners certified by the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA)
  • Insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft
  • Vaulted with the world’s largest precious metals custodian Brink’s Global Services
  • Physically audited for weight and purity by Bureau Veritas
  • Regulated under Rush Gold’s Australian Financial Services Licence #100529055

How it works

Buy it

Buy it

Buy gold and silver online, using your favourite payment methods.

Sell it

Sell it

Easily receive funds to your bank account anywhere in the world when you sell your gold or silver.

Send it

Send it

Send gold or silver by dollar amount, or weight, using a mobile number or email.
No minimum amounts or fees.

Gift it

Gift it

‘Wrap’ your present with a themed virtual card and message and give the gift of investment-grade precious metals.

Stay informed

Stay informed

Access real-time pricing, historical data, and customizable alerts.

Why Gold?

Rush - whatever your needs



Add gold and silver to your portfolio
Transfer and gift gold and silver overseas
Spend gold with Mastercard (AU only).

Individual Account



Pay global invoices and save on fees
Remove costs and hassle of a bank
Protect your capital from inflation.

Business Account

SMSF / Retirement

SMSF / Retirement

Direct title to gold and silver
Lower holding costs than an ETF
Real-time transactional statements.

SMSF Account

Personal concierge service

All account holders can access our personal concierge service for high value transactions.

Concierge service

A critical aspect of holding any asset is the assurance to good, verified and secure title. This is particularly relevant given recent experience with cryptocurrencies. Rush Gold’s attention and focus on ensuring audited and verified holdings of gold, gives the holder confidence in buying, sending and holding gold – knowing that it’s in the vault.

Ken C

I really like the fact that Rush Gold has been built to an institutional standard. It is approved by the appropriate regulators, is AML and KYC compliant and has been developed by some of the world’s best security experts. As the regulation in “crypto” catches up to securities regulation, they will not be caught out.

David K

Due to current hikes in mortgage interest rates, I have not been able to make regular deposits. However, on the plus side, I had no problem withdrawing, and it only took a few days compared to a week with other investment providers.

Cynthia Silooy, Google Review

This is an awesome app, I’m a crypto guy usually but it’s definitely good to have a safety net like this for when things go $*!# up.

Charles K

Every other investment I looked at needed lots of paperwork to sign up, TL;DR. Rush dGold took 2 minutes and a few clicks and I was a gold investor. #Simple!

Keenan P

Great idea to put away an asset that has the potential of not being affected by a market crash. So greatful for this business transaction.

Allan Maloney, Google review

Made my 2nd purchase today, so over 13,152 mg. I hold physical gold and silver also, so a digital version is a super cool way to liquidate when I need to. Is the new app available yet? Super keen to see it. Cheers.

Will W

Partnered with world-leading providers

Serious about security, service and quality

Award Winning

Rush is recognised as an innovation leader

Featured in

Worldwide coverage of the Rush journey

How to get started

  • Download the app
  • Sign up in 5 mins
  • Buy Gold or Silver
  • Link your bank account to sell gold

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