Happy Lunar New Year!

The start of the Lunar calendar is a time of celebration as we transition from the Year of the Ox to the Year of the Tiger.

Despite the uncertainty that has governed the past couple of years around the world, this Spring Festival is our chance to start afresh and usher in the blessings and peace of the new year.

Tradition also calls for the sharing of red envelopes with family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues. While the red envelope itself signifies good luck for the year ahead, the money you share in it is the ideal way to set the tone for a prosperous future.

If you find yourself far from your loved ones this new year, you can still exchange red envelopes, albeit with a modern twist. With Rush Gold, you can give the gift of prosperity and good luck from wherever you are in the world—all it takes is a few clicks.

Should you pack your red envelopes with gold?

The new year is full of promise and opportunities for the year ahead.

In this time of uncertainty, gold promises more stability than cash, and it has remained this dependable for hundreds of years.

Rush Gold gives you the opportunity to gift real gold bullion to your loved ones all over the world with just a few steps on our secure platform.

How to send gold this new year

Gifting your loved ones a gift they’ll never forget is just three steps away with Rush Gold.

  • Install the app and register for a Rush Gold account
  • Buy physical gold bullion through our secure platform
  • Send it as a gift (with no additional transaction fees) Add a personalised message and card for your loved ones!

How to receive gold this new year

You’ll know you have a golden gift waiting for you when you receive an email with a unique link and your gift giver’s personalised message to you.

  • Click on the link to install the Rush Gold app
  • Register for your account with your email
  • Redeem your gold gift!

    Keep up traditions this Year of the Tiger when you give the gift of gold!

    Welcome the new year with the Rush Gold app!

    Scan and get the Rush Gold app


    When you give the gift of gold, you give the gift of a flexible opportunity to save, accumulate wealth, and sell your gold and retain liquidity. Australian users can even get a gold Mastercard to spend their gold like cash through their mobile wallet!

    What do Rush Gold users have to say?

    Made my 2nd purchase today, so over 13,152 mg. I hold physical gold and silver also, so a digital version is a super cool way to liquidate when I need to. Is the new app available yet? Super keen to see it. Cheers.

    Will W

    Awesome way to invest in gold, protecting yourself from inflation along the way.

    Luke Millanta

    Rush sits with a robust system and process enabling consumers to own gold anywhere around the world as an asset, in their name, from their lounge room without wondering ‘what’s this piece of paper worth’ or other risks and issues when trading securities, currencies or cryptocurrencies!

    Stephen R

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