The gold standard for investment

Gold is one of history’s most reliable investment assets, with high demand and limited supply.

Industry demand

Industry demand

Gold’s applications include jewellery, aerospace and consumer electronics.

Investment demand

Investment demand

Central banks traditionally hold around 20% of all gold ever mined and are increasing their reserves significantly to mitigate global economic and geopolitical uncertainty.

Limited supply

Limited supply

All the gold ever mined could fit into a cube 22m3 which is around the size of 3.4 Olympic swimming pools!

A top performing asset class

Increase your worth

  • Unlike paper investments, gold requires no counter party you must trust.
  • Unlike cash it holds its buying power.
  • Unlike electronic money, it’s a real asset.
  • Unlike bank money, its supply is finite.
  • And unlike some asset classes, there’s always a buyer when you’re ready to sell.

Gold for portfolio diversification

Gold often exhibits low correlation with other asset classes such as stocks and bonds which can help diversify a portfolio and manage risk. Gold returns have matched or exceeded returns of Australian residential property and bonds since 2000.

Gold as a hedge for Inflation

In times of crisis, when inflation is high and the value of currencies is falling, gold is a safe-haven asset and can deliver strong returns.

People from housewives in India to the biggest central banks and investment funds know that gold can protect against currency declines.

It’s times like these, again and again, they increase their gold holdings.

Invest in Gold with Rush

The Rush platform may be virtual but our assets are far from it. All of our gold and silver is fully insured against damage or theft by Lloyd’s of London. It is also physically audited, tracked, and locked securely in an Australian vault.

Gold (along with silver) is one of the safest assets in the world. It has remained reliably stable in value over the years.

This quality paired with its rarity and the universal recognition of its value makes it a resource that enjoys high demand. They are also a relatively secure investment. Gold is, after all, the third-most traded asset in the world.

We’re all about adding real weight to your wealth. Rush has made the world’s most precious metals into a digital, accessible resource. This means you can not only buy and sell them online but also gift them and use them just like you would use liquid cash.

Flexibility may not be a characteristic of traditional precious metals, but with Rush, that’s exactly the quality that they take on. Real metal, with all the virtual convenience of the internet.

Through Rush, you can access your investment wherever you are in the world. The comprehensive resources we provide you with give you the knowledge you need to sell gold online with more confidence. Our app includes live insight into gold prices all over the world including Australia, USA, China, Japan, Great Britain, Europe, and India.

I use Rush for my rainy-day funds, and to send gold as a special 18th present for my nieces and nephews. It’s so easy to use, and see the value of my gold investment at the touch of a button.

Love this app. So easy to buy and sell real gold (holding direct title, ie. not via funds or ETF), all safely secured, insured and protected. You also get a Mastercard so you can pay using your gold anytime, and can also sell gold via the app anytime and instantly receive funds (in all major currencies). Simple, effective and efficient. Can also gift small amounts of gold to friends for birthdays, etc. The best and safest way to own gold directly. Highly recommend.

Liquid, useful, reliable, low cost gold with a great customer service team! Over time this has become my go-to app to manage what used to be my cash reserves

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