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Adding PayID and BPay capability for Rush Gold customers – in or out of the Rush app

Adding PayID and BPay capability for Rush Gold customers – in or out of the Rush app

Rush Gold takes pride in providing customers with a user-friendly platform to buy, sell, send, and gift real gold in real-time. 

Rush Gold always strives to elevate our customers’ transaction experience, so we’re excited to announce that we have now integrated  PayID and BPay as payment options within the platform for a seamless and secure experience.

Our latest partnership with the Australian fintech platform Finmo provides an additional transaction option for our customers. This means all our Australian investors can now instantly purchase gold bullion via the PayID or BPay infrastructure simply and securely.

A PayID or BPay allows you to make immediate gold transactions

Using PayID or BPay to buy gold is:

  • Quick: Your PayID and BPay payment is instant.
  • Simple: Instead of using a BSB and account number, PayID and BPay can save time and reduce the hassle.
  • Transparent: The confirmation step before a transaction goes through allows you to re-check the beneficiary.
  • Secure: Protects against fraud because you can track the transaction and see where the money is going.

Use your static PayID or BPay to buy gold anytime without even opening the app!

After your first gold purchase on the Rush app using PayID or BPay, you will receive a static PayID or BPay, which you can use to pay for any instant or recurring purchases–meaning you can buy gold directly from your own bank account using PayID or BPay –without logging into the Rush Gold app!

Rush Gold’s newest partnership is good as gold

Rush Gold provides digital access to real gold by adding PayID and BPay. Our partnership with FinMo provides customers with another option to buy and sell gold securely and instantly from their bank accounts. 

Read more in our press release here.

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