Invest in India’s most precious metal for a memorable Akshaya Tritiya

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Celebrating Akshaya Tritiya with digital gold

While you may not be able to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya with its traditional pomp and festivity, it’s important to maintain yearly customs and traditions – especially with a gift of gold.

Whether you’re treating yourself or want to make a timeless offering to loved ones, the Rush app helps you celebrate this occasion virtually with digital gold; we even have exciting gift wrap options.

Enjoy easily accessible and transferable digital gold investments with instant liquidity in India for as low as 100 Rupees.

The value of gold in Indian Rupees over a period of 1 year

The rising value of gold in India is a strong indicator that your Akshaya Tritiya investment will only appreciate over time.

Commemorate Akshaya Tritiya from the safety of your home with digital gold


Globally, billions face real issues when simply trying to build and maintain their wealth. Gold has reliably protected buying power for centuries, with a stable supply limited by physics, not algorithms or central banks.

Make Akshaya Tritiya prosperous with Rush. Buy, sell or pay with gold by downloading our app.

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