The world’s first open APIs for gold

With Rush Gold’s Gold-as-a-Service you can easily embed gold transactions inside your existing offering with a turn-key, low-cost solution with no financial licensing required.


The world as we know it is changing. So how we deal with money is also changing.

Offer gold bullion as a value-added service to your customers in a matter of weeks with Rush Gold’s Gold-as-a-Service:

  • Elevate banking, wealth management and payments
  • Take frequent flyer, reward and loyalty programs to the next level
  • Enhance e-wallets, marketplaces and mobile games with real gold
  • Integrate gold into your own app or white label ours
  • License our Gold Rush augmented reality game

People love, love, love gold.

Gold gives you that edge to gain customers, loyalty and extra cachet. It’s more than shiny and new, gold is highly desirable and valuable.

Gold has a history and aura about it that makes it unique. And Rush can make it unique for your brand.

We give you a brand new digital monetisation option in the simplest way possible. Because Rush provides fully-owned physical gold bullion, it’s regulated as physical metal, not as a financial product.

So your customers can now build and hold real wealth directly inside your products and services, without any of regulatory and service headaches that other financial offers bring.

And there’s no greater carrot than carat.

Increase revenue, lower stress

We can manage the offer from end-to-end, or simply embed gold transactions in your existing systems. Rush Gold makes the world’s most valuable asset invaluable to your business.

  • Digitised, audited, insured physical gold bullion
  • 100% owned by the customer
  • 100% compliant
  • A valuable, fully-liquid asset
  • Turnkey service from on-boarding through customer service
  • No need for partner investment or banking license
  • Transactions as small as $0.01
  • Purchases and redemptions in 140 currencies

Hard assets to attract, reward, engage and retain your customers

Partnering with Rush Gold is a simple way to engage and delight your customers with a brand-new reward offer they will love.

Whether you are a bank, an e-commerce site, a rewards/loyalty program, an e-wallet, a community, a messaging app or a mobile game, Rush Gold can get you to market quickly. We can help make your service literally shine for your customers by incorporating one of history’s most reliable assets, real gold bullion.

Feel the Gold Rush

Supercharge your marketing strategy by licensing our Gold Rush game.

Our Gold Rush augmented reality game lets customers enter your world and find their own pot of gold. Think Pokémon Go meets King Midas.

If your customers love their phone, love gold, and love trying new things, they’ll love your brand even more. Speak to us about licensing Gold Rush for your business.

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Do so much more with gold

Rush Gold is giving all kinds of companies a simple way to engage and delight their customers with a brand-new offer they’ll love.

Innovate at your company.

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I always wanted to buy gold but never knew how.

Paul K

I use Rush Gold every Friday. We go for a swim, someone goes and buys breakkie and everyone else just transfers gold to person who paid for breakkie. Easy!

Ben I

I owed my mate in NZ $200 so I used Rush Gold, took about 10 seconds to arrive. He asked me if he can keep his gold, I told him “of course mate!”. He loves it.

Austin P

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