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For centuries, gold has been the preferred way of accumulating and securing wealth—and with good reason. Unlike other investment instruments, gold is a relatively low-risk investment option, as it predictably appreciates in value over time.

At Rush Gold, we’ve broken the traditional barriers of investing in and owning gold and have brought the power of gold into the palm of your hands with our revolutionary app—buy, sell, gift, and pay in gold with just a touch.

Whether you’re considering making the switch to a self-managed super fund or you’ve already done extensive research on the best SMSF investments – chances are, gold investing has made repeat appearances on your list.

For centuries, gold has been a highly sought-after global commodity. It holds an intrinsic place in society  (think gilt thrones and gold medals) and serves both as a metaphor for wealth and success, as well as a measure of them.

There are two reasons central banks invest and hold it in asset reserves to support the cash economies of entire nations:

  • the unyielding demand for gold as both a resource or investment commodity, and
  • its time-proven ability to hold its value and counteract poorly performing currencies during market crises.

Why choose rush gold?

When it comes to formulating your SMSF investment options, adding gold to your portfolio is a popular strategy for protecting your portfolio and increasing your SMSF returns.

At Rush Gold, we believe in making the best gold accessible to everyone – no matter the size of their SMSF asset portfolio, financial goals or geographic location.

That’s why we’ve transformed the world’s oldest trusted currency into the newest by taking gold digital. There is no need to pay stockbrokers or fuss about futures contracts or gold ETFs – you can make one of the best SMSF investments by simply downloading our app via Google Play or the App Store.

As soon as you’ve registered online, you can buy real gold in real-time. You’ll take instant ownership of physical gold bullion locked safely in our secure Australian vault and receive digital certificates of purchase and title.

When you buy gold with us, you’re purchasing 99.99% pure, investment-grade gold bullion provided exclusively by refiners accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) – the world’s authority for precious metal.

Manage your gold – from anywhere in the world!

Whether you want to keep a close eye on the market and engage in regular trading or simply buy gold and save it for a rainy day as a long term investment for your SMSF, you can manage your gold from anywhere in the world, at any time using the app.

You can also use it to review daily, weekly, monthly and historical gold price trends and set gold price AUD alerts or check the price of gold across multiple currencies. Keeping an eye on how gold moves can help you forecast and make the best SMSF investments and trading decisions.

What is an SMSF?

An SMSF, or self-managed super fund, is a type of superannuation trust structure that provides ongoing benefits to its members upon retirement and their beneficiaries on death. These benefits are the direct result of independent financial investments made by the trustee(s) of the fund.

Every SMSF is required by law to have at least two trustees. It is a role that comes with strict legal administrative obligations and heavy financial responsibilities around tax, cash and pension distribution, and investments. Many of the best SMSF seek professional legal support to ensure compliance.

What are the benefits of SMSF?

The primary benefits of an SMSF lie in the ability of the member(s) and trustee(s) to make investments of their choosing.

Industry or retail funds typically invest a percentage in high risk, high yield asset classes such as property, infrastructure, and shares in ‘guaranteed returns’ industries like fossil fuels. Often, members of these funds are unaware of how and what their money is being used for – which can cause both personal and social or ethical concerns.

In a self-management fund, all members must agree on what they consider the best SMSF investments and are equally responsible for any risk and subsequent positive or negative yields. This is a legal requirement and ensures shared financial responsibility. It also provides the opportunity for investment in alternative assets based upon shared values and interests – such as investing in wine, classic cars, art, or other items of significant financial and/or cultural value.

What are some of the best SMSF investment options?

The best self-managed super funds have a diverse investment portfolio that includes both defensive and growth investments.

A defensive investment represents a lower risk, but the tradeoff is lower financial growth potential. Typical defensive – or safe – SMSF investment options include cash, such as a term deposit or savings accounts, and fixed interest investments like government bonds.

A government bond is when you loan money to the government, which then repays a fixed amount of interest at regular intervals. These periodic instalments are called coupon payments, with the principal of the loan repaid on the bond maturity date.

As far as safe investments for self-managed super funds go, gold is widely recognised as one of the best SMSF investments around. This is because gold’s value is historically countercyclical, meaning its financial value not only holds but can increase during times of economic uncertainty, as gold can serve as a refuge in times of downturn. As a result, it often performs better than cash, shares, or bonds. These are all subject to the impact of inflation, which can reduce income returns.

If you’re wondering how to buy gold in Australia and start building your SMSF returns, the answer is online.

When you buy gold bars digitally with Rush Gold, you don’t need to worry about paying the exorbitant storage and insurance costs of keeping your gold safe and secure. For your peace of mind, your gold is held in a high-security vault in Sydney, Australia, and physically audited on an annual basis by Bureau Veritas – one of the world’s leading professional asset certification organisations. Moreover, we have full insurance from Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft, so any gold you purchase with us is fully covered at all times, making it one of the safest and best SMSF investments.

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