Putting the power of precious metals to work for your business

For global payments, as a secure store for your capital funds, as a meaningful reward for your teams or as a unique gift to clients and customers, businesses all over the world are turning to Rush’s unparalleled business accounts.

Direct title to premium assets for your business

Gold and silver are two of the world’s oldest and most trusted forms of money. And now they can be an efficient new tool for your business. With inflation now higher than interest rates, turn your current business account into gold or silver and trade in assets the whole world values and understands.

  • Hold capital and reserves with direct title to physical gold or silver
  • Spend directly from your business account globally with a Rush Mastercard (AU businesses only)
  • Remove the costs and hassles of banks – especially for instant, free overseas payments
  • Unmatched accessibility with cutting edge technology and real-world utility

Institutional-scale security for your business assets

  • Your business has outright ownership of physical gold or silver investment-grade bullion
  • Sourced exclusively from refiners certified by the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA)
  • Insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft
  • Vaulted with the world’s largest precious metals custodian Brink’s Global Services
  • Physically audited for weight and purity by Bureau Veritas
  • Regulated under Rush Gold’s Australian Financial Services Licence #100529055

Real-world assets provide real-world protection

Bullion is bullion. Funds are funds. For true wealth protection, business owners are turning back to assets that have stood the test of time, and protecting their portfolios from systemic risk by owning the real thing.

When you invest with Rush, you receive direct title to gold and silver bullion. Unlike “backed-by” instruments such as ETFs or tokens, you have outright ownership of the physical metal, which becomes the legal property of your company.

Rush meets all your reporting needs

  • With real time pricing and full transaction and holding statements, Rush has all your accounting and super fund reporting needs covered
  • And with the Rush Gold-as-a-Service API we can plug your data straight into your existing advisor or wealth manager’s platform for seamless accounting and analysis

Rush concierge service for high value transactions

Rush offers a personalised concierge service for over the counter transactions (OTC).

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Give your business greater currency

Gold and silver carry a lot of weight for clients, customers and staff

Next level payments

Rush enhances your business enabling gold or silver transactions and payments.

  • Pay other people or businesses with gold or silver
  • Overseas transfers and payments without the fees
  • Push payments with instant final settlement
  • No more extending credit or chargeback risks
  • Deal with more currencies with less cost and heartache

A real savings account

The value of gold and silver has grown over time – and you’ll have none of the sneaky charges of a bank account.

  • Buy or sell at any time 24/7
  • No monthly account fees
  • See all your transactions quickly and easily
  • Your assets are protected in an Australian safe (no charge)
  • All insured by Lloyds of London

What’s next? It’s simple!

Download the app in your business name and invest!

If you have any queries about business accounts:

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