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For centuries, gold has been the preferred way of accumulating and securing wealth—and with good reason. Unlike other investment instruments, gold is a relatively low-risk investment option, as it predictably appreciates in value over time.

At Rush Gold, we’ve broken the traditional barriers of investing in and owning gold and have brought the power of gold into the palm of your hands with our revolutionary app—buy, sell, gift, and pay in gold with just a touch.

Suppose you’ve been researching economic trends, participating in forums about the financial market, maybe even contemplating safe investments. In that case, your social media apps’ algorithms may be showing you ads prompting you to buy gold bullion. But why invest in gold

The demand for gold has quadrupled every year since the 1970s and continues to grow as its applications increase. From jewellery and technology to its exclusive status and function as the financial reserves for central banks worldwide, gold is an intrinsic part of society. As its scarcity increases, it’s likely that their costs will too.

The financial value of gold tends to be countercyclical, which means that when the economy is down, the cost and value of gold has a tendency to go up. Historically, gold has often proven to be a safe hedge in times of market crisis, which can occur due to things like a country’s internal political uncertainty or civil unrest or broader-reaching issues – like a global pandemic. When interest rates are low and international financial stability is tenuous, gold may provide a better economic return than cash or bonds.  

Because of this, choosing to buy gold bullion may be one of the best SMSF investments you can make. Plus, it can be a good way to protect your wealth by helping diversify your assets portfolio.

What is gold bullion?

It’s important to understand what gives gold bullion its value as a commodity or asset if you’re looking to trade or buy gold bullion.

The term ‘bullion’ refers to precious metals – such as gold, silver, or palladium – of exceptionally high purity. To qualify as bullion, metals must be formally certified as being a minimum of 99.95% to 99.99% pure.

For gold bullion to be created, it must first be mined in the form of gold ore – a natural combination of metal and mineralised rock. The gold is then extracted (using extreme heat or chemical processes) and classified. Assuming its yield meets bullion purity standards, it will then be categorised as either ‘parted’ bullion, which is pure gold on its own, or ‘unparted’ bullion, a mix of pure gold and other metals.

When you buy gold bullion with Rush Gold, you’re purchasing 99.99% pure and investment-grade gold bullion provided exclusively by refiners accredited by the London Bullion Market Association – the world’s authority for precious metals.

Bullion is sold by weight and in the form of ingots or bars. Gold bullion bars (also known as gold biscuits) weighing 1g are the smallest size you can invest in, while 1kg gold bars are the standard for individual bulk trading. Central banks and other global institutional investors typically trade in 400 Troy ounce gold bullion bars.

How secure is my gold?

When you buy gold bullion digitally, you don’t need to worry about the exorbitant storage and insurance cost of keeping your gold safe. You can rest easy knowing our bank-grade software is regularly subjected to independent third-party security testing. As part of our commitment to security, our gold is stored in a secure vault in Sydney, Australia, and audited by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in professional asset certification organisations. Moreover, all gold purchased with us is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft.

Whether you want to keep a close eye on the market and engage in regular trading or buy gold bullion and save it for a rainy day, you can review a history of daily, weekly, and monthly gold price trends from directly within the app. Understanding how gold moves can help you to forecast and make informed trading decisions.

How to make money from buying gold bullion?

Trading gold bullion is easy with Rush Gold. Simply install our app, register, and make your first purchase.

When you buy gold bars from us, your transaction is 100% digital – but your ownership is physical and takes effect immediately. Unlike trading through a gold ETF, we don’t have large minimum investment or local fees. You can buy gold bullion in whatever quantity you like, direct from your phone, with the simple click of a button.

Digital gold is a global currency, meaning you’re not restricted by the physical location of your gold bullion. You can access your gold and monitor its performance over time using the Rush Gold app. You can save it, sell it, gift it or use it as currency. What’s more, you can cash out at any time – we’ll simply deposit the money into your nominated bank account.

Where can I buy gold bullion online?

Rush Gold puts the power of gold in your hands.

To buy gold bullion online, simply download the Rush Gold app from the App Store or Google Play on your phone (or log onto the web version using a laptop or desktop computer).

As soon as you’ve registered, you can buy real gold bullion in real-time. You’ll take instant ownership of physical gold bullion locked safely in our secure Australian vault and receive digital certificates of purchase and authenticity.

We’ve transformed the world’s oldest trusted currency into the newest by taking gold digital. You can buy it, hoard it, sell it, pay with it using Rush Gold Debit, even gift it – from anywhere in the world, at any time.

So if you’re ready to experience the rush from gold investing, download our app and make your first gold purchase today.

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