We’ve made the world’s most precious metal digital money

It’s safer than cryptocurrencies and without the counterparty risk of ETFs

Real gold

Real gold

You own real gold bars kept in a real vault

99.95% pure investment grade gold

Provided by refiners acredited by London Bullion Market Association

Totally secure

Totally secure

100% legal title

Stored in high security Brink’s vaults in Australia

Verified by Bureau Veritas, Insured by Lloyds of London

24/7 access

24/7 access

Check the rates and buy gold anytime in the Rush Gold App

Any amount in practically any currency

Gold is always at your fingertips

Now’s the time to change your money. Into gold.

It only takes a few minutes to download the Rush Gold app and buy gold

When you buy gold online it’s important to do some homework first.

There are many companies who use the word “gold” in their offers, but when you buy gold online you should be sure you have the actual rights to gold. At Rush Gold we believe there are two forms of online gold ownership: Outright ownership of physical gold metal in a vault, and everything else.

You should also be sure when you buy gold online that you can get funds in and get funds out quickly and easily. This means using the payment methods you already trust when you buy gold online, and it also means you can easily receive funds to your bank account anywhere in the world when you sell your gold.

You also want to be sure when you buy gold online that your gold is liquid to be bought and sold in any amount and at any time. Some providers let you buy gold online, but will only let you sell that exact amount of gold back when you sell. At Rush Gold you can choose to buy or sell any quantity you wish.

The best providers to look for when you buy gold online are those who meet the industry’s standard rules maintained by the top global gold organizations. The best companies provide gold that is certified by the London Bullion Metal Exchange (LBMA). Rush Gold provides only the top LBMA-certified gold when you buy gold online from us.

The LBMA also maintains a “Precious Metals Global Code of Conduct” that helps people who buy gold online be sure that they are treated fairly, transparently, and legally at all times. Rush Gold was the world’s first digital gold company to officially sign the LBMA Code of Conduct.

At Rush Gold we also make your gold useful for payments and gifts, so not only can you buy gold online, you can also send gold to a relative or friend as a payment or gift. It’s as easy as sending a text message, just enter the recipient’s email or mobile number and choose how much you want to send. In just seconds the recipient will receive the gold you sent, and they can then buy gold online with the Rush Gold app, or can sell their gold and receive the funds at their bank.

When you buy gold online you should also think about the country where the company is based. Some countries have relaxed standards about property ownership and protections, but the best companies when you buy gold online are based in countries with strong financial regulatory and consumer legal rights and stable governments. At Rush Gold we are proud to be based in Australia, a country with a top reputation for financial security.

So whether you are a newcomer who decided to buy gold online for the first time, or a sophisticated investor looking for unparalleled accessibility, liquidity, and safety, we think Rush Gold is the fastest, simplest, and safest way to buy gold online. So don’t miss the rush!

“A critical aspect of holding any asset is the assurance to good, verified and secure title. This is particularly relevant given recent experience with cryptocurrencies. Sendgold’s attention and focus on ensuring audited and verified holdings of gold, gives the holder confidence in buying, sending and holding gold – knowing that it’s in the vault.”

Ken C

This distribution agreement will not only help generate additional revenue for Golden Matrix, but also serve to support the company’s unique value proposition with our global clients. We can now provide social gaming audiences with additional real-world value inside their current popular games.


Our rewards program clients look to us for innovative and simple-to-manage rewards options that can generate excitement and appreciation by their millions of members, and when we were introduced to SendGold we immediately saw a potential fit. The fact they had their Gold-as-a-Service APIs meant we could easily integrate their offer with our existing systems.


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