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Indian Sun

Indian Sun

How Rush Gold developed and set up a gold rewards scheme for The Indian Sun’s performance-based advertising.


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Indian Sun

The Indian Sun is the leading media platform in Australia focused on the Indian diaspora. The Magazine offers a range of information to its readers on print, web and social media.


The Indian Sun wanted to find a way to get their audience more engaged, through a performance-based advertising scheme.

With higher engagement level, The Indian Sun gets a strong argument for advertisers to increase their spend as an engaged, active audience has more value.

The idea for was to develop a reward scheme motivating readers. Having failed to deliver through crypto, The Indian Sun turned to Rush knowing that the Indian community is very receptive to gold and that Rush had the technical know-how to deliver.


Rush developed a unique gold rewards scheme, whereby any web viewer browsing The Indian Sun website and clicking on a promoted ad would automatically earn a reward of gold, with a view to accumulating rewards over time. The value of the reward is determined by the advertiser and can be as small (micro-reward) or big as needed.

Although the promotion is very simple to use, the solution developed by Rush was a first, generating unique links for the readers to earn and accumulate gold rewards on the Rush app, acting as their vault.

The flexibility of the rewards scheme, speed of development, and ease of implementation is truly unique.

How it works

When readers click on eligible online content, they get rewards of gold, to be redeemed in the Rush Gold app:

  • web visitors click on promoted ads on The Indian Sun website and a unique link is generated
  • if they already have the Rush app, the link sends them directly into the app to redeem their reward
  • if they don’t, they are first directed to the app store to install the app, where they can then redeem their reward

The app is the digital gateway to the gold: through the app, they can accumulate their gold, buy more, sell it, and even spend it or send as a gift in Australia or abroad. The gold is investment-grade gold bullion, to which they have direct title.

Everything is managed for the Indian Sun, who can focus on great journalism and bringing more advertisers on board.

What the customer is saying

“This innovative way to enhance audience engagement is a great example of how we can add value to both advertisers and readers. We tried to deliver micro-rewards through crypto but only Rush Gold was able to deliver. Feedback from our advertisers across industries is very positive!”

— Siddarth Suresh, editor for The Indian Sun

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