Happy Valentine’s Day

No matter what your love language may be, we are drawn to the people we love. Drawn to be close to them and to shower them with affection through quality time, thoughtful gifts, or with how we speak and act around them.

But the past few years have changed the way we show our loved ones how much we care.

From chocolates to roses, traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day seem to pale in the light of the atypical circumstances we are all experiencing.

Love persists despite distance and time, and you want your tokens of love to be just as persistent and patient.

That’s why this Valentine’s Day, it’s time to let gold shine.

Gold is the gift that keeps on giving, a gift that only grows in value over time, a gift that is unforgettable and endures time or space.

Whether you’re paying for your gifts through the Rush Mastercard, or sending the gift of gold to your loved ones—you can do it all on the secure Rush Gold platform. 

With Rush, you can send thoughtful gifts, wrapped in personalised gift wrapping and a gift card that are worth their weight in gold with just a few clicks. You don’t need to compromise the safety of yourself or your loved ones.

How to send gold this Valentine Day

Gifting your loved ones a gift they’ll never forget is just three steps away with Rush Gold.

  • Buy physical gold bullion through our secure platform
  • Install the app and register for a Rush Gold account
  • Send it as a gift (with no additional transaction fees) Add a personalised message and card for your loved ones!

How to receive gold.

You’ll know you have a golden gift waiting for you when you receive an email with a unique link and your gift giver’s personalised message to you.

  • Click on the link to install the Rush Gold app
  • Register for your account with your email
  • Redeem your gold gift!


    Give a gift as eternal as your love when you gift gold this Valentine’s Day

    Celebrate the season of love with Rush Gold!

    Scan and get the Rush Gold app

    Protect your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with a gift that gives them financial security—from a distance.  Give the gift of gold this year and celebrate the power of love in all the forms it is present in your life. 

    When you give the gift of gold, you give the gift of a flexible opportunity to save, accumulate wealth, and sell your gold and retain liquidity. Australian users can even get a gold Mastercard to spend their gold like cash through their mobile wallet!

    What do Rush Gold users have to say?

    Gold has remained a stable and precious commodity over the ages. We are excited to provide our customers with gold bullion as an alternative investment through our partnership with Rush Gold- a world leader in this segment. JamboPay wallet subscribers will have an opportunity to buy, own and transfer real gold bullion with 99.9% purity without leaving their digital wallet

    Jambopay CEO Danson Muchemi

    So, I was already a Rush Gold user and Goldrush was a great way to add gold to my account. It was a lot of fun – running around the park. I certainly got a few nuggets of gold.

    Brett S

    I own gold through Rush Gold and I really like the fact that you can gift gold to your relatives or your friends or your kids. I think that’s great for my kids. They’re learning about investment and the value of currency and gold.

    Georgia L

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    Add gold to your life

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