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Celebrating someone worth their weight in gold

Celebrating someone worth their weight in gold

It’s a strange time for the world. When most bad things happen we, as humans, instinctively turn to one another – our friends, our families, and especially our mothers, for comfort and safety.

The crisis we face today means that this is no longer an option for us. The best and only way to really protect yourself and those you love is to physically distance yourself from them at this time.

This Mother’s Day is not about hugging our mothers or gathering together to celebrate them for all that they are. Whether you’re lucky enough to be with your family at this time or forced to stay away, this day reminds us of just one aspect of motherhood – putting your loved ones first, however difficult it may be.

This Mother’s Day is about remembering that a mother’s love transcends all – time, space, and distance. The love and support you’ve always felt from her never falters, even if you can’t be near her. If you aren’t able to hug your mother or share a laugh in person, on this day, remember that the bond you share knows no bounds.

Your mother is your first protector, supporter, and carer – and that’s just in the first nine months of your existence; before you were even aware of her, before she even set eyes on you. That’s just the beginning of all that it means to be a mother. Mothers are constantly adapting to meet the needs of their children.

For most, there is never a point in time when a mother will refuse to help. Mothers raise their children but they don’t stop being mothers once their children are grown. The magnitude of belief, support, and unconditional love she is capable of is impossible to quantify and is taken for granted far too often.

As far as jobs go, being a mother is a thankless one. Mother’s Day, however, reminds you to remember everything your mother has done for you. Today is an opportunity to think back on the little things you might have overlooked, to appreciate the difficulties and the joys of motherhood, and realise that everything that you are would be impossible without her.

For everyone struggling or feeling lonely at this time, remember that despite having to practise social distancing, you don’t have to feel lonely or isolated. Reach out and talk to the people you love, especially your mom. Whether that means simply walking into the next room, video calling them or talking to them on the phone, do it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! There’s not enough gold in the world to repay you for all you do, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

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