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3 reasons to invest in gold during an economic downturn

3 reasons to invest in gold during an economic downturn

If it isn’t a recession, inflation hike or currency crisis, an economic downturn is one of the many financial woes countries are experiencing nowadays.

These, naturally, are a cause of concern for governments, banks, everyday citizens, and, perhaps, more importantly, for investors. Given that the value of many traditional assets take a hit when the economy misses a step, investors are usually deeply affected in these instances. Those who’ve put their money to invest in gold, however, may be better off when the charts don’t look promising.

In fact, gold value is projected by many analysts to increase beyond its current value of $1300 per ounce, despite a recent drop in IMF’s global growth forecast to 2.3%.

Continue reading our post for 3 signs indicating that a greater economic downturn may be upon us. Fortunately, they’re also 3 reasons why you should consider investing in gold.

1. International trade has taken a hit

With US President Donald Trump promising to double tariffs on $200bn of Chinese goods and introduce new tariffs in the near future, two of the world’s largest economies continue to disrupt whatever semblance of stability the global economy possesses.

Even the German economy, the biggest in Europe, grew only by 1.5% last year, its weakest rate of growth in 5 years. This was largely due to some of its exporters being unable to conduct business, as usual, owing to international trade disputes.

This reflects a global trend where countries are moving away from multilateralism; a prerequisite for global economic stability. Over the years, there has been a stark drop in international trade, with 2019 proving to be a somewhat disappointing year so far.

The pinch is felt more in export-reliant countries, which now face rising inflation, a higher cost of living, and startling currency depreciation. Possessing assets like gold can prove useful in these scenarios, given that throughout history gold has tended to hold firm in the face of economic downturn.

2. High levels of debt

Debt, even when it’s not your own, can take a hit on your wallet and affect how you spend your money. High levels of national debt, in particular, force governments to increase taxation, which doesn’t just affect your quality of life, but also how you repay your own loans or secure them in the first place.

This truth is reflected in the debt crisis gripping Europe right now, with countries like Greece and Italy struggling to keep up with debt payments.

Having asset investments in place, however, can insulate you from some of these effects. With an asset like gold that has survived every recession and economic crisis in history, it may be easier for you to avoid taking a big hit when the economy is down.

3. Economic growth is slowing down drastically

Apart from Germany, whose growth rates were enough of a concern, the Chinese economy, which has always given the US a run for its money, recorded its lowest growth rate in 28 years, last year.

Given its position in the global economy, disruptions to China’s domestic economy can have effects far beyond Chinese borders.

Recently, The Economist published the findings of its quarterly data review of the 73 countries who account for 95% of global output. These findings showed that economic slowdown started in the second half of 2018, recording the steepest values in around 2 and a half years. Cumulatively, the data shows that even in well-developed countries, including those in Europe, economic growth has been slowing down considerably.

In light of this concerning trend, everyday citizens may be interested in protecting themselves against the effects of a slowing global economy. Investors and financial experts have constantly expounded on the value of gold when financial indicators aren’t looking too good.

Insulate yourself against the effects of an economic downturn – invest in gold

An economic downturn doesn’t have to disrupt your way of life or bear heavily on your hard-earned savings. While a global recession may seem far off, signs of an eventual crisis are on the horizon.

By investing in assets that are stable in value, remain secure, even in the throes a financial crisis. Among the safest investments, gold has always been a top choice for those with an eye on the future. At SendGold, we make this process as affordable as it has ever been.

Start your investments for as low as $10 today – we believe in zero minimums.

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