A big part of the New Year is gifting those that are closest to you with red envelopes filled with money or other material goods in even numbers for good luck and prosperity for the rest of the year.

If you can’t be with your loved ones this Lunar New Year but still want to partake in the holiday traditions, Rush Gold gives you the opportunity to gift your friends and family the valuable gift of gold via the traditional red envelope with a twist.

Wherever you are, Rush Gold now allows you to send gifts instantly to celebrate The Year of the Rabbit with just a few taps on your smartphone!

Why gold makes the perfect gift this Lunar New Year

Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit symbolises elegance and beauty, making gold the perfect way to signify the beginning of a brand new year.

Gold is one of the oldest, most valuable assets and the opportunity to gift real gold bullion to your loved ones during unprecedented times is priceless.

Make this new year special for those closest to you and use the Rush Gold app to securely gift gold bullion in just a few minutes.

Gift Gold

How to send gold this new year

Gift your loved ones a memorable gift in just four easy steps with Rush Gold.

  • Install the app and register for a Rush Gold account
  • Buy physical gold bullion through our secure platform
  • Send it as a gift (with no additional transaction fees)
  • Add a personalised message and card for your loved ones!

How to receive gold this new year

You’ll know you have a golden gift waiting for you when you receive an email with a unique link and your gift giver’s personalised message to you.

  • Click on the link to install the Rush Gold app
  • Register for your account with your email
  • Redeem your gold gift!

      What do Rush Gold users have to say?

      I’ve been waiting for Rush to launch silver – and I was one of the first to get access. Works perfectly, as I would expect from Rush. Great way to diversify!

      Great app. Easy navigation and perfect for people just starting out investing.

      Nick Cory, Google Review

      We are always looking at ways to innovate and broaden our offering to members, and provide solutions to their changing needs. Rush Gold made it so easy to offer an innovative and unique solution to our customers who are actively seeking ways to secure their wealth for the long term and strengthen their portfolio as a hedge against inflation.

      Head of Product, Cointree

      For a prosperous year ahead, gift a red envelope via the Rush Gold app to the ones you care about the most.

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