Rush Gold is a
premium gold product

Unprecedented safety, liquidity & accessibility.

Gold is gold and funds are funds. When seeking the true wealth protection of an asset that has stood the test of time more and more investors are making sure they own the real thing, protecting against systemic risk.

Rush Gold is truly unique.

  • Direct title to .9999 LBMA gold
  • Buy, sell, send and spend globally 24/7 through the Rush Gold App available on Apple, Android or Web app
  • Safely held in secure vaults in Australia, with some of the strongest property rights in the world
  • Use gold as a currency and spend globally in real-time from your Rush Mastercard®, online or via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay mobile wallets (Australia only).

You have direct owner-ship of gold bullion

When you invest in gold with Rush Gold you receive title to gold bullion. Unlike other “backed by gold” instruments such as ETFs or tokens you have ownership of real gold bullion. Legally protected under Australian law, a stable jurisdiction with strict regulations and some of the world’s strongest property rights.

With Rush Gold we’ve removed the intermediaries, greatly reducing systemic risk.

Liquid, accessible Gold

Your can buy, sell, send, gift or spend gold 24/7.

We can deposit the proceeds of the sale directly into your bank account in over 90 currencies.

Australian residents can spend their gold around the world online or with their Rush Mastercard and through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. We will be launching our card in several other countries in the coming months.

Your physical gold bullion is held in Australian vaults

  • Sourced exclusively from refiners certified by the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA)
  • Insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft
  • Vaulted with the world’s largest precious metals custodian Brink’s Global Services
  • Physically audited for weight and purity by Bureau Veritas
  • Regulated under Rush Gold’s Australian Financial Services Licence #100529055

Rush Gold is the cost-effective way to invest in gold bullion

With direct title, Rush Gold holding costs tend to be a fraction of the holding costs of gold derivatives like ETFs.

We are happy to speak to you further on our fees.

Your relationship manager is ready to help

Rush Gold offers personalized client service. Upon opening a Family Office account, you are assigned a personal Relationship Manager who can be reached via both phone and email. Your Relationship Manager can discuss and implement an individual market entry schedule for the efficient deployment of larger capital commitments.

Rush sits with a robust system and process enabling consumers to own gold anywhere around the world as an asset, in their name, from their lounge room without wondering ‘what’s this piece of paper worth’ or other risks and issues when trading securities, currencies or cryptocurrencies!

Stephen R

I have now known the Rush Gold team for several years and continue to be impressed with their world class expertise and attention to the critical details of compliance & security in building the Rush Gold platform. In the midst of all the hype in cryptocurrencies, Rush Gold have developed a solid, real world product – digital gold.

Mike A

Once we learned about Rush Gold, we saw the potential value for our platform users. There’s a lot of cost and friction between the world’s currencies and many of them are unreliable as stores of value. With Rush Gold we can offer a universal, global store of wealth that is also fully-liquid for instant low-cost P2P exchanges. It’s an excellent fit.


A critical aspect of holding any asset is the assurance to good, verified and secure title. This is particularly relevant given recent experience with cryptocurrencies. Rush Gold’s attention and focus on ensuring audited and verified holdings of gold, gives the holder confidence in buying, sending and holding gold – knowing that it’s in the vault.

Ken C

This distribution agreement will not only help generate additional revenue for Golden Matrix, but also serve to support the company’s unique value proposition with our global clients. We can now provide social gaming audiences with additional real-world value inside their current popular games.


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