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Your Rush assets

Your assets are secured in high-security vaults located in Australia and operated by Brink’s Global Services, one of the world’s leading, most trusted precious metal custodians.

You can cash out (sell) your gold or silver to your own bank account at any time. We may offer physical redemptions to gold or silver bars in the future.

The physical gold or silver does not move from the vault. We transfer the ownership title to the recipient.

The gold and silver which you own direct title to, is held in high-security vaults in Australia operated by Brink’s Global Services, one of the world’s leading precious metals custodians. The gold is physically audited on an annual basis by Bureau Veritas and is insured against damage or theft by Lloyd’s of London.

Rush operates bank-grade software systems currently used to serve millions of banking customers around the globe, and we perform independent third-party security testing on a regular basis. You have access to your gold 24/7, with the ability to transfer, sell and even spend your gold in real-time through Mastercard and any major mobile wallet.

You can send gold or silver to recipients who are residents of any of the countries where Rush is live. As we are rolling out in new countries, you can always find an updated list of the countries where we operate in our Terms of Use.

You own the direct title to your gold. In the unlikely event that something was to happen to Rush you can either sell your gold or Rush will sell your gold on your behalf. The net proceeds of the sale will be transfer to your nominated bank account.

Currently delivery is only available for multiples of 1kg bars. Please contact us for details and a quotation for fees associated with this service.

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Rush Mastercard

We have a Rush Mastercard, which allows you to spend your gold in shops using either Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay – or online using the card details available in the Rush app. The Rush Mastercard only works with your gold balance and cannot be used to spend silver at this stage.

The Rush Mastercard is a digital debit card. When you use your card, we check your gold balance and convert how much you need, in real-time, so you can hold your gold until you spend it. This conversion is at the gold sell-price at the time of the transaction. 

We’re a digital company and not a fan of plastic – so there’s no physical card, but this unique Rush Gold product allows you to pay through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay or use your card number to shop online, by displaying the debit card numbers on the app. 

There are no annual fees. There is a Rush Mastercard program fee of $10 to set up your Mastercard. From then on, the fees are the same as if you were selling your gold (e.g. 1% of the transaction fee). 

If you have the gold balance available, you can spend up to your gold balance with the following limits: 

  • $5,000 per day
  • 25 transactions per day

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Fees, pricing and payments

Setting up a Rush Gold account is free. There is no cost to receiving gold, or sending (paying or gifting) in gold. There are fees associated with buying or selling gold which are detailed on the app at the time of the transaction. Our current transaction fees are 1% of your purchase, or 1% of your gold sale, both capped at $90 per transaction so this reduces quickly with larger transactions. Please note that depending on how you pay for your gold, there may be a third party bank fee.

As of October 1st 2023, we will be introducing vaulting fees to cover the costs of securely vaulting your bullion in Brinks vaults in Australia. Since Rush launched we have absorbed the vaulting fees on your behalf. However, with increased growth in client bullion volumes and costs, it has now become necessary for us to pass this fee on to our clients.

We will charge 0.6% annually to vault your gold bullion and X% annually to vault your silver bullion. These vaulting fee are very competitive in the market. The fee will be calculated daily based on the value of your holdings at the AUD mid-point price (for gold or silver). The fee is charged monthly to your account and gold or silver bullion is deducted at the prevailing sell price to cover the accumulated monthly vaulting fee. The minimum charge per month for vaulting will be A$0.05. We will debit your Rush balances (gold balances for gold vaulting fees and silver balances for silver vaulting fees) monthly in arrears on the 1st day of every month. Your fees will be listed in both your local currency and gold or silver weight in your transactions list. You may view this in the Rush app and download all your transactions at any time.

Rush Gold uses live pricing to calculate the value of your gold and silver, based on the weight that you own. This price changes every 60 seconds, and these values are displayed within the app. The price that applies to your purchase transaction is the price at the time we receive the funds – which is instant with some payment methods.  

You can buy and sell gold and silver in your local currency. Depending on the country in which you live, you will see options to pay in your local currency in the app. We frequently add new payment types so check in to see when new ones are available.

Not at this time.

When you purchase from Rush, you are presented with payment options that are relevant to your country. We are continuously improving our service and adding payment methods. All current payment methods for your country will be presented in the app at the time of purchase. 

In Australia, we offer an additional payment method – PayID. After creating your PayID during a transaction within the app, you can subsequently use your PayID to buy without even logging into the app – just by paying directly from your bank account.  

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It can take 1-to 3 business days for our bank to pass the funds to your bank. If it has been longer than that please contact us.

If the recipient of your gold / silver is not a registered user of Rush and does not register an account within 25 days, the transaction will be cancelled, and we will return the amount you sent back to your account.

As with any financial transactions, it’s your responsibility to make sure the details you enter are correct, especially when purchasing or sending gold or silver (gifting or sending). 

If you send or gift to an incorrect recipient, you should contact our Customer Team and we can take certain steps to try and recover your transaction – but we can only do this on a “best effort” basis.

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Rush is licenced and registered in Australia and is headquartered in Sydney.

No, Rush is an independent organisation not affiliated with any bank.

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App and accounts

You can access the Rush app on your mobile phone or an internet-enabled device such as a computer or tablet. You will need access to a mobile phone number to receive transaction authentication codes via SMS.  

If you have set up a PayID through the Rush App, you can use it at any time to purchase gold directly from your bank account without even opening the app.

To open a Rush individual account you must be over the age of 18 and reside in a country in which we operate. These countries are listed in our Terms of Use.

Rush accounts can also be opened by businesses, trusts and Self-Managed Super Funds. 

Initially, you’ll need to provide your full name, email address (for transaction records), mobile number (for security codes). If you want to buy more than $5,000 worth, or hold a Mastercard, you’ll also need to complete a full identity verification process and provide your drivers licence or passport. 

Once you have opened your Rush business or SMSF account in the Rush app, you are provided with a registration form to complete. The form collects details about the business or SMSF entity and your authority to act on its behalf.

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Reporting and tax

Rush offers comprehensive transaction lists sent to your email, which can be filtered by date and transaction type.

A csv file will be emailed to you on request with the filtered items from the transaction list

It will display the owner of the account and their registered address, The current asset prices at time of generating the report, a full list of transactions, incl date, payment type, reference number, weight, fees, total spend, send recipient and senders.

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