Competitive transactions

  • Buy and sell transaction fees are 1% of transaction value and capped at $90 per transaction
  • Low vaulting fees
  • No cost to receive or send gold or silver
  • Free to join

Low fees

We offer a range of payment methods, some of which may incur an additional cost. These are outlined in the app before confirming any purchase transaction.

Love this app. So easy to buy and sell real gold (holding direct title, ie. not via funds or ETF), all safely secured, insured and protected. You can also sell gold via the app anytime and instantly receive funds (in all major currencies). Simple, effective and efficient. The best and safest way to own gold directly. Highly recommend.

Andrew Barlow, Apple App Store review

Rush out and buy silver!! I love the new app layout and love that I can see the silver and gold pricing at the flick of a button. Great move, Rush!

I am so glad Rush has finally launched silver. Now I will be managing all my precious metals investments in one app! And they’ve managed to add silver without completely changing the app – love it!”

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