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Monitise your eco-system

Communities and marketplaces share several challenges crucial to their success.

  • Fostering member engagement to ensure frequent interactions and transactions
  • Retaining members through personalised experiences and value-added services
  • Ensuring sustainable revenue streams by diversifying monetisation strategies

Rush’s distinctive service offers a comprehensive solution to enhance member engagement, improve retention and acquisition, and optimise monetisation for communities and marketplaces.

You’ve done the hard work in building a loyal member base. Now let us empower you to optimise your platform’s success.

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Revolutionise your player engagement, monetisation, and innovation

Member engagement with bullion transactions

Member engagement with bullion transactions

Boost user engagement by providing seamless LBMA gold and silver bullion transactions on your platform. Enable users to directly own bullion, facilitating purchases, transfers, sales, and participation in rewards or gamification initiatives—all with real-time pricing updates and 24/7 liquidity. This enhances their overall platform experience and interaction.

Retention through bullion-based eco-system currency

Retention through bullion-based eco-system currency

Drive long-term loyalty by introducing bullion as an eco-system currency, enabling users to spend gold on platform services like streaming and education. This unique payment option incentivises user connection, boosting retention rates and enhancing the overall ecosystem experience.

Monetisation with diversified bullion-based revenue streams

Monetisation with diversified bullion-based revenue streams

Diversify revenue streams by leveraging bullion transactions. Explore options like transaction fees, premium memberships with exclusive bullion benefits, and sponsored bullion-based content. This strategy maximises revenue potential and adds value to users, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability for your platform.

Delight members with a real-world asset offer

  • Offer bullion for purchase, sale, member-to-member transfer and gifting
  • Offer rewards or gamification initiatives
  • In any desired quantity, with pricing updated every 60 seconds and liquidity available 24/7
  • All with a turnkey solution that keeps your Compliance Department onside

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Bullion at the core

Utilise bullion as an eco-system currency, offering users the ability to use gold for payments across various services within your platform. Whether it’s streaming services, educational packages, or other offerings, customers can maintain a pot of gold to spend on their preferred services.

Enhance user experience and loyalty by integrating gold payments seamlessly into your platform’s ecosystem, providing a unique and valuable payment option for your customers.

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Innovate into production in weeks,
not years

The Rush Team can scope your requirements and present a turnkey plan to get you into production within weeks. We have a variety of business models and revenue programs that can suit almost any kind of distribution partner offer.

And with the Rush platform, fund flows are easy no matter where in the world you are located. With integration to more than 90 currencies and 900 payment types, your customers can easily transact in gold and silver with their local currencies and favourite payment types.

Put the best brand in the world to work for you

People love, love, love gold.

Gold gives you that edge to gain customers, loyalty and extra cachet. It’s more than shiny and new, gold is highly desirable and valuable.

Gold has a history and aura about it that makes it unique. And Rush Gold makes it unique for your brand.

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Gold has remained a stable and precious commodity over the ages. We are excited to provide our customers with gold bullion as an alternative investment through our partnership with Rush Gold- a world leader in this segment. JamboPay wallet subscribers will have an opportunity to buy, own and transfer real gold bullion with 99.9% purity without leaving their digital wallet

Jambopay CEO Danson Muchemi

In my opinion, fiat currencies are faith documents; cryptocurrencies are faith data signals. However with simple commodity exchange in the palm of your hand, based on 100% physical gold, Rush Gold may just be onto something.

E.L. & C. Baillieu

We are always looking at ways to innovate and broaden our offering to members, and provide solutions to their changing needs. Rush Gold made it so easy to offer an innovative and unique solution to our customers who are actively seeking ways to secure their wealth for the long term and strengthen their portfolio as a hedge against inflation.

Head of Product, Cointree

Once we learned about Rush Gold, we saw the potential value for our platform users. There’s a lot of cost and friction between the world’s currencies and many of them are unreliable as stores of value. With Rush Gold we can offer a universal, global store of wealth that is also fully-liquid for instant low-cost P2P exchanges. It’s an excellent fit.


I really like the fact that Rush Gold has been built to an institutional standard. It is approved by the appropriate regulators, is AML and KYC compliant and has been developed by some of the world’s best security experts. As the regulation in “crypto” catches up to securities regulation, they will not be caught out.

David K

This distribution agreement will not only help generate additional revenue for Golden Matrix, but also serve to support the company’s unique value proposition with our global clients. We can now provide social gaming audiences with additional real-world value inside their current popular games.


This innovative way to enhance audience engagement is a great example of how we can add value to both advertisers and readers. We tried to deliver micro-rewards through crypto but only Rush Gold was able to deliver. Feedback from our advertisers across industries is very positive!

Siddarth Suresh, editor for The Indian Sun

Our rewards program clients look to us for innovative and simple-to-manage rewards options that can generate excitement and appreciation by their millions of members, and when we were introduced to Rush Gold we immediately saw a potential fit. The fact they had their Gold-as-a-Service APIs meant we could easily integrate their offer with our existing systems.


Compliant. Secure. Audited. Insured.

Ensuring regulatory compliance and security is paramount when offering alternative assets as rewards. Rush’s platform is fully compliant, secure, and audited, providing peace of mind for your business and your customers alike.

All bullion is sourced exclusively from refiners certified by the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA) and is fully-insured against damage or theft, physically audited, tracked and securely vaulted in Australia. Rush Gold is fully-regulated under Australian Law, one of the strictest in the world. Rush Gold operates as a Corporate Authorised Representative number 1278396 under two Australian Financial Services Licences – AFSL No. 296877 and AFSL No. 404131. Rush Vault’s AUSTRAC Designated Service Number is 100529055.

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