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There’s been a lot of press about gold lately. And a lot of interest in Rush Gold. Find out more including our market insights.

Gold: a must for every prepper

Gold: a must for every prepper

Maintaining a positive attitude and outlook towards life is a great way to see the good in everything. When it comes to your finances, however, it’s important that positive outlooks don’t get in the way of smart financial decisions.

That’s why many people choose to secure their financial futures through a stable investment option.

If you’re someone who prepares for the future through stable investments, you join 5% of our customers, who we like to call The Preppers. They know that gold is one of the safest and most reliable investment options.

We’ve identified nine distinct types of gold buyers—including The Preppers—among Rush Gold account holders. If you’re interested in exploring all nine groups, you can take a look at our post: What type of gold buyer are you?

The challenge of securing your financial future

Financial security is a means through which we can meet our needs and wants and take care of our loved ones.

We all strive to create a future where we can be financially stable, and maintaining a positive and future-facing outlook on life can help us get there.

Unfortunately, a constantly positive approach towards life is rarely conceivable and is often unwise. Factors that are in and beyond our control are bound to create a challenge sooner rather than later.

The recent global crisis has reminded us once again that the steps we take to protect our finances for a rainy day aren’t foolproof. Systematic failure can leave you vulnerable and take the financial security blanket out from under you.

These circumstances may be inevitable, but you can take steps to prepare for these possibilities and guard yourself against financial instability. The best way to do this is by investing wisely; we recommend not putting all your eggs in one basket to avoid a single point of failure.

While there are numerous investment options available, gold bullion has been one of the most dependable investments for many—including 5% of our users.

How does ensuring financial protection through gold help you maintain a positive outlook?

Financial experts and investment specialists are constantly devising new plans, theories, and investment tools to help you reach the ultimate goal of financial independence and stability.

A wide range of investment options is always beneficial to your portfolio, and gold has been one of the best investment options throughout history.

One of the most remarkable qualities of our favourite precious metal is its ability to hold its value over time. While all investment options are associated with some level of uncertainty about returns, the value of gold has tended to rise over the long run, despite a few downturns.

What’s more, unlike other investment options, gold is universally accepted and is flexible enough to improve your liquidity when you need it the most.

Above all else, gold offers systemic risk protection. This means that unlike most other forms of wealth that depend on the smooth functioning of a wider system in order to retain its value, gold does not depend on volatile systems.

When you buy gold, you gain physical and legal ownership of your investment. Your financial future then does not depend on a wider system, which means systemic failure cannot destabilise you.

Ensure financial protection through gold

Having a financial buffer when you face uncertainty or go through a crisis can bring you peace of mind.

With gold investments, this is exactly what you gain.

Today, ensuring financial protection through gold is easier than ever with the award-winning Rush Gold platform. 5% of our most prepared users are now using our platform to invest in gold and protect their wealth under property rights laws.

Join them today when you create your Rush Gold account and start investing.

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