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Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of gold, so it’s no surprise the gold price AUD is strong.

For centuries, gold has been the preferred way of accumulating and securing wealth—and with good reason. Unlike other investment instruments, gold is a relatively low-risk investment option, as it predictably appreciates in value over time.

At Rush Gold, we’ve broken the traditional barriers of investing in and owning gold and have brought the power of gold into the palm of your hands with our revolutionary app—buy, sell, gift, and pay in gold with just a touch.

If you’ve been thinking about safe investments and how to buy gold in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Rush Gold has transformed the world’s oldest trusted currency into the newest by taking gold digital. 

We’re the future of gold investing and believe in making gold accessible to everyone – no matter their portfolio size or finance goals. 

We’ve made buying and trading gold bullion easy through our handy phone app. As soon as you’ve registered, you can buy gold bars in real-time. You’ll take instant ownership of physical gold bullion audited by Bureau Veritas and receive digital certificates of purchase and title.

Are there any potential risks?

We don’t have a large minimum investment or local fees, unlike trading through a gold ETF. You can see the price of gold in almost any currency and purchase any quantity of gold per gram you like with the simple click of a button. 

Our pure quality gold is fully insured for damage and theft with Lloyd’s of London and held in a high-security vault operated by Brink’s Global Services in Sydney, Australia. Unlike with big bullion banks, our users have total access and control over their investing. You can cash out whenever you want, with funds transferred to your nominated bank account.

Why is it important to know the price of gold?

Knowing the price of gold – and understanding its history – can empower you to make better investments across your portfolio by recognising potentially positive or negative economic or market trends and the impact they can have on trading.

To begin with, it’s important to know that the gold price AUD will depend on which manner of or trading you are engaging in – physical bullion, gold futures contracts, ETFs, stocks or shares, or other derivatives.

What drives the price of gold?

The price of gold is also known as the spot gold price. It reflects the price one troy ounce of gold would cost to buy upfront, or ‘on the spot’, on an international exchange. It represents the price for raw gold or unfabricated metal which has not been minted or cast or made into jewellery. You cannot buy gold at the spot gold price. However, it provides a benchmark to which OTC dealers add the premiums involved with forming a gold bar or coin.

The spot gold trading price is announced twice daily by the London Bullion Market Association. It is standard practice for the spot price of gold to be quoted in the US dollar before individual currency conversion, such as to reflect the gold price AUD.

The Rush Gold app makes online trading and investing easy. You can log in from anywhere, at any time, to see how your gold is performing against the current gold price in many different currencies, from the US dollar to the Australian dollar, and to almost every other currency.

What factors affect the price of gold?

There are a few primary factors that affect the price of gold and subsequently the gold price AUD, including:

Supply and Demand

At the most basic level, the price of gold is determined by supply and demand. The less gold there is available, the higher its trading value tends to be.

If gold sales are high or significant mining discoveries are made, and more precious metal becomes available, the spot gold price is likely to decrease. However, there has not been a notable gold deposit discovered in over three years, while the demand for gold has grown dramatically since the 1970s.

As the scarcity of gold as a resource increases, it follows that the price of gold will likely also continue to increase as a result of manufacturing and investor demand.


Historically, gold and other precious metals, like platinum or palladium, have been a hedge for investors aiming to protect their wealth during times of market crisis. This is because the value of gold tends to be countercyclical, which means during times of economic downturn, the cost and value of gold often go up.

Economic downturns can occur as a result of things like a country’s internal political uncertainty or civil unrest or far-reaching events like a global pandemic. During these periods, a country’s economy can suffer from inflation, which is where the price of goods and services – and general living costs – increases in direct contrast to the purchasing power of the currency, meaning that it takes more cash to buy the same thing or that the currency is worth less than it used to be.

As interest rates are lowered to restrict debt levels, the value of gold often increases. Because of this, central banks in the impacted country will often chase an economic boost by selling portions of their gold reserves to other countries and international holders.

What is the forecast for the price of gold in the short term?

As of October 2021, the gold price AUD is currently well above AUD2000 per kg and has been in a positive trend for the past few years. In fact, gold’s ability to hold its value can be observed over centuries, making it one of the best SMSF investments, thanks to its reliability and use as market hedges.

To take advantage of the strong market and get the power of gold in your hands, download the Rush Gold app and buy gold today.

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