Gold price in Australia

Return on gold in AUD from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.

Return on gold in AUD from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.


Gold investments have a way of transforming a bleak financial outlook into one that’s promising. By staying up to date on the gold price in Australia, you’ll know exactly when to sit tight and when to sell.

Unlike other investors, gold insulates buyers from almost every kind of crisis.

An asset as old as time, gold has been a treasured resource from time immemorial because it is so scarce. Today, owning gold gives you a financial edge exactly when you need it.

From natural disasters, stock market crashes to global crises, the gold price in Australia has remained resilient. Despite a challenging year for almost every industry in the world, the gold price surged above $2,000 in August 2020.

This goes to show how gold is one of the few assets in the world that has the ability to appreciate in times of crises.

In any case and as history would have it, dips in the value of gold tend to be temporary; what’s important is that you know when prices peak and when they dip if you’re looking to buy or sell gold.

How do we support gold buyers at Rush?

At Rush, our commitment has always been to make our gold buyers wealthier, more stable and more secure. We achieve this through our award-winning work in the gold industry through our digital gold platform.

By staying up to date on the gold price in Australia, you’re empowered to make decisions that improve your financial future.

When you download our new app, available on The Play Store and on Google Play, there is a dedicated section that tracks the price of gold in your country. Based on this data, it’s much easier to make intelligent financial and investment decisions.

We segment our data according to set timelines like weeks, months, and years. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the gold price trend and make your own analysis of what your next move should be.

With the information we provide you on the gold price in Australia, you become your own investment advisor! Given how relatively secure and reliable gold is, you can buy, sell or gift your gold with confidence.

When you buy gold with Rush, you can also rest assured that your gold is safe and secure. When you buy gold, what you gain is the digital ownership to it. Your physical gold is independently-managed in a high-security vault; one that’s monitored by Brinks who has a history, dating back to 1859, of securing precious metal. The contents of our high-security vault are also insured.

What’s more is that with our all-new Rush Debit payment option, you can pay for what you need with the gold you own—which is exactly why you need to stay up to date on the gold price in Australia.

An uptick in the market means that you have more resources at your disposal. What better time, then, to whip out Rush Debit and treat yourself to what you need?

Rush Debit also supports Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay (for Australian customers only). Pay in real-time and pay without regrets; there’s one less plastic card in your life, but a lot more resources at your disposal.

What does the future look like for the gold price in Australia?

In Australia, we forecast that gold will continue to be on the rise, in spite of minor dips in value. As a gold buyer in Australia, we empower you with the gold price insights you need to create a more prosperous future.

Our hope is that you reduce risks to your wealth or income with a backup option that you can rely on. Gold is perfect for the proverbial rainy day!

Beyond buying gold, we also give you the insights and support you need to sell, gift, and pay with gold with confidence. We demystify gold and make it an almost everyday part of your life with the right tools.

Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge yet, no worries! Download our new app and keep track of the gold price in Australia, historically and in real-time, until you’re ready to make an investment that supports your financial future.

While gold is identified as a stable investment, please note that like all other types of investments, it comes with its own set of risks. At Rush, we provide you with the right insights to make investment decisions that work well for you—please do so at your own discretion.

If you require any support or have any questions about how Rush works, what digital gold means, or how to use our app, please get in touch with our team right away! We’re always happy to help you make better investment decisions.

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