Gold price in Great Britain

Return on gold in GBP from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.

Return on gold in GBP from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.


Staying up to date on the gold price in Great Britain can be a useful tidbit of information.

For tech-savvy gold investors, this information can make the difference between making more money or preserving your existing wealth.

At Rush, we provide you with historical and real-time gold information that helps you make better investment decisions. Whether you check this page or check the gold price history chart on the Rush app, we give you the power to change your financial future.

Our award-winning platform empowers you to buy, sell, gift, and pay with gold as a currency. With it and with the right insights, we give you the edge to perform well in the investment asset market.

Digital gold is not only much less cumbersome than owning physical gold like bullion or jewellery but it is also considered a much more stable asset compared to others. With digital gold, you’re a modern-day investor with all the convenience and accessibility that comes with widespread digitalisation.

Join the gold rush right from your smartphone with up-to-date insights on the gold price in Great Britain.

Does Great Britain possess a favourable gold investment climate?

Data shows that since 2001, the demand for gold as an investment asset has increased by approximately 15% per year. In Great Britain, gold acts as a diversifier and is treated as a hedge against financial risks like inflation, especially after the economic uncertainty following the Brexit referendum.

The gold price in Great Britain has increased, on average, by 12% per year in pounds since 1971 following the decline of the Bretton Woods currency agreement. As an investment asset, it is perceived as a way to expand one’s wealth while keeping risks low.

This demand has also had a major impact on the jewellery, technology, gold bar and coin markets. Overall, the gold investment appetite in the UK is one that’s based on the long-term stability of the asset.

Why digital gold over physical gold?

The power of becoming an investor on the internet all comes down to how you can leverage, grow and trade your investment.

With digital gold, this is exactly the kind of flexibility you enjoy. You can do away with the anxiety of storing bullion in your house or worry about any other calamity befalling your precious investment.

At Rush, we give you title of ownership to real gold that we have secured in high-security vaults in Australia. The vaults are independently managed and monitored by Brink’s, the world’s leading  service provider with a long history of securing precious metal.

While you may not have access to your physical gold (it’s protected by men with guns) and deal with it on a digital platform, this does not mean that we don’t take every care of your investment.

Beyond physical security, your gold is also insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft and your data security is compliant with leading information security standards like the ISO 27001.

Even when it comes to the gold price in Britain, you can stay up to date at all times and make analyses based on historical data, right there on our app.

Gold—digital or physical—is an age-old investment with an excellent track record

No investment asset is perfect; gold included.

That said, gold is the gold standard of investment assets.

Even in the 19th Century, gold was tied to the wealth of countries like the US. The gold standard refers to the fact that the US dollar was tied to the value of the gold in the U.S. Treasury.

This proves that from centuries ago to today, gold retains its status as a high-value asset; one that plays a pivotal role in today’s economy.

If you’re keen on protecting your wealth and savings from financial risks including inflation, funnelling your wealth into gold, after doing your research, might be a great way to increase your financial security.

On the Rush app, whatever your decision is, whether that’s to buy more gold, sell it, gift it or use it to pay for goods and services, we allow you to do it all. We give you the freedom to leverage your gold investment in a way that serves you best.

Is digital gold the right investment for me?

Buying gold on a digital platform comes with many advantages. That said, like any other investment, going into the market blindly and expecting endless good luck is not realistic.

At Rush, we encourage all our investors to do their research, check the gold price in Great Britain, and invest wisely. We do not accept or undertake any other risk relating to your investments and ask that you use your discernment when you buy or sell gold on the Rush app.

We give you the data, you make the decisions.

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