Gold price in India

Return on gold in INR from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.

Return on gold in INR from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.


There are no two words about the fact that gold is one of the most treasured investment assets in India.

Indian households famously account for a large share of the global gold jewellery market. While cultural forces account for much of this trend, there’s also the fact that gold is one of the most popular investment assets around the world.

For this reason, staying tuned to the gold price in India helps you make better investment-related decisions. At Rush, this is one way in which we empower you—by providing you with historical and up-to-date gold price information in India and other parts of the world.

Another way we empower gold investors in India? By allowing them to buy, sell, gift and pay with gold (basically use it as a form of currency) on the free Rush app.

With no minimum purchase amounts, the only cost you incur is the price of gold. We allow you to build your digital gold portfolio at your own pace.

Before you do so, understanding the gold price in India is important. For up-to-date insights, check this page or the gold price chart on our app today.

Gold investments in India; one of the most popular paths to financial security and wealth

Apart from being one of the first countries in the world to use this precious metal and make fine jewellery, today, India remains one of the biggest players in the international gold market.

As highlighted above, gold jewellery is a major part of the investment industry. Gold jewellery accounts for around 80% of the Indian jewellery market. In the past, the country has also possessed the highest demand for gold worldwide. While it may not be the case today, personal wealth in India still remains tied to gold as an investment asset.

For tech-savvy gold investors in India, digital gold simply represents a newer way of acquiring an age-old asset with significant historical value.

Given the state-level support extended to the gold investment market, it remains a popular way of diversifying wealth and protecting personal income from financial risks like inflation.

India is also one of the biggest gold importers in the world. This speaks volumes of gold’s status as an investment asset.

What role is Rush playing in the global gold investment industry?

Here at Rush, we are an award-winning digital gold platform that operates in select countries, internationally.

On our app, which can be downloaded on the App Store or on Google Play, we help gold investors in Australia, India, the US, China and other countries and regions become financially resilient. We do this through the power of digital gold.

While gold investments traditionally take the form of bullion bars or gold jewellery, we’ve spurred the adoption of digital gold as a serious contender for the future of the industry. This is because we believe in its resilient and flexible nature; with digital gold, you can make investment decisions in minutes—whether that’s buying, selling, gifting or paying with gold.

Based on the gold price in India, we help investors move quickly and make decisions that benefit them and their financial future. This is why we’ve spent years developing our digital gold platform.

When you buy gold on the Rush app, you receive title to the gold. Your physical gold is stored in high-security vaults in Australia. These are monitored and independently managed by Brink’s; a service provider with a history and reputation for securing precious metal.

This gold is audited, tracked, and protected by Australian law. It is also insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft.

This level of diligence also extends to the data we manage on our platform. Our practices are in line with leading information security standards like the ISO 27001.

At Rush, we take every precaution because we know that your financial security may depend on it.

This is the same for all investment assets and is by no means unique to digital gold.

Become an insightful digital gold investor on our platform today

Whether you’re a seasoned gold investor or someone who’s just starting out, at Rush, we welcome you. Our goal has always been to make gold an accessible investment asset.

Part of this process is to empower you with the right insights, including the gold price in India and in other countries. We do this both on our website and on our FREE app. Even if you’re not ready to invest just yet, our app is a useful source of market insights.

Download our app today to become a digital gold investor in India.

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