Gold price in Japan

Return on gold in JPY from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.

Return on gold in JPY from January 1 to December 31 by year. Mid-price before fees.


Gold is one of the most popular investment options the world over. An investment asset throughout the ages, its relative scarcity makes it a treasured precious metal.

At Rush, we believe in the power of gold—digital gold, that is. Our app supports buying, selling, gifting, and paying with gold in addition to providing you with insights on the gold price in Japan. For a quick understanding of what historic and modern gold prices in Japan are like, take a look at our chart above.

Understanding the price of gold is pivotal to the work we do. We believe that to profit from your assets, you need to understand the market.

When you download the Rush app, stay tuned to our blog or sign up for our newsletter, we provide you with an insider view of what it means to be a gold investor.

Is Japan a country with a history of gold investments?

Japan is another country with a rich history of gold production. Its main gold mining region, Hishikari, is frequently cited as one of the best gold mining regions in the world and boasts an average yield of 40 grams to one tonne of ore.

While gold mining was suspended during World War II, the government amended the Japan Mining Act in 2012, allowing foreign mineral companies to obtain mining and exploration permits. This has meant that gold has become a more prominent investment asset in the country.

The country also has several gold deposits that exceed the one-million-ounce mark.

Given its history and recent developments in the gold investment market, investors can keep track of the gold price in Japan and invest in an asset that can hold its value domestically.

Digital gold—an age-old investment in the age of digitalisation

We believe in the historic power of gold and that’s why we’ve migrated a traditionally physical asset (whether bullion or gold jewellery) into a secure and digital platform.

In doing so, we make it a considerably more accessible and convenient investment option for people around the world. On the Rush app, we give you the option to buy, sell, gift and use gold as a form of currency.

In terms of using gold as a currency, which has been a longstanding ambition of ours, we’ve now made gold available with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

People sometimes equate digital platforms with heightened cyber risks. At Rush, we’re confident to say that we’ve taken the appropriate digital security safeguards including compliance with the ISO 27001; a leading information security standard.

Rush digital gold also means that you own a title to physical gold, which we store securely in vaults independently managed and monitored by Brink’s Global Services. The company is a leading and reputable service provider when it comes to securing precious metal.

Beyond that, all your gold is audited, tracked and protected by Australian law. It is also insured against damage or theft by Lloyd’s of London.

Why should I stay up to date on the gold price in Japan?

Even if you’re convinced of the virtues of being a digital gold investor, staying up to date on the gold price in Japan is just as important.

With an eye on the market, it’s easier for you to understand the best time to buy, sell or sit on your gold. With these insights, you may not need an investment advisor or anyone else acting on your behalf; you’re your own agent and work towards improving your own financial security.

On the Rush app or our website, we help you keep track of insights including the gold price in Japan. You don’t need to scour complicated gold investment websites. Everything you need is in one location.

That said, we encourage you to do independent research and understand whether gold is the right investment asset for you.

Investing in digital gold with Rush: what you need to know

At Rush, we take pride in our app, platform, and system, all of which have been designed to support gold investors of every kind, beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Every investment entails risk. Cryptocurrency, a subject we’ve discussed extensively on our blog, may not be as secure as the age-old value of gold.

If you’re a first-time gold investor in Japan, stay tuned to this page or keep track of the gold price in Japan on the Rush App. It’s also important that you do your due diligence before you invest in anything, including digital gold on the Rush platform.

Please keep in mind that while we’ve insured your physical gold against certain risks, there are other risks you may have to accept as a gold investor. Invest wisely and at your own discretion.

At Rush, our goal is to help you become a well-informed, strategic and wealthy gold investor.

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