Virtual becomes profitable

Find your pot of gold in the fun adult augmented reality game.

Think Pokémon Go but with real gold.

Think Pokémon Go but with real gold. Why spend your time accumulating virtual gold, coins and cash in a video game when you could you be racking up real gold! The treasure is buried in your city. Download the Gold Rush app to find it.

By embedding real gold into a fun virtual reality game, Gold Rush makes the fantasy a reality.

Find it, grab it, grow it.

Gold Rush players go out and search for real gold via their phone. Some have won big, some small.

These modern gold hunters can all retain their gold via Rush. Then you can save it as an investment, or cash it out, or send it as a gift, or keep adding to it.

While the game is virtual, the prize is so real, the gold you capture is physically stored in a high-security vault in Australia and insured by Lloyd’s of London.

The treasure is buried in your city. Download the Gold Rush app to find it. Don’t miss the next game.

Don’t miss the next game.
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Make the game yours

Make the game yours

Gold Rush is now available to be licensed for your business or brand.

Rush’s unique digital gold technology enables your customers to accumulate gold bullion while playing their favourite games and manage it digitally. It’s a fun way to capture today’s digital loving audiences.

Speak to us about adding a new kind of rush to your marketing strategy.

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Add gold to your life

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