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Gold, the gift that keeps giving

Gold, the gift that keeps giving

When we treasure our relationships, we often attempt to show our loved ones how much we value their presence in our lives with numerous gifts.

If you are such a gift giver and you choose to give the gift of gold to your loved ones, you are not the only one: nearly 10% of Rush Gold users, who we like to call The Benefactors and The Worldly Wise, send gold as a gift.

Not you? We’ve identified nine different groups of gold buyers, including The Benefactors and The Worldly Wise, who use our platform to buy gold. You can explore all nine groups and why they purchase gold in our blog post: What type of gold buyer are you?

What does receiving a gift mean to your loved ones?

Although different cultures around the world celebrate their treasured relationships in various ways, all cultures have one thing in common, and that is giving gifts.

The act of gift-giving is much more than just giving a material asset to the people you love. It shows them that you appreciate their closeness, their relationship, and wish them nothing but the best things in life. Your thoughtfulness is the ultimate gift you can give.

That’s why gifting is an important part of many lives. Even when you live far away from your loved ones, a thoughtful token of love can brighten up even the bleakest of days.

While anything can be a gift when you put your thought and love into it, gifts that leave a lasting impression are the best kind of gift.

That’s why gold is the gift of choice for our Benefactors and our Worldly Wise.

Is gold the gift that keeps on giving?

While it may seem like a new-age practice, gifting gold actually dates back centuries. Many civilisations gifted gold as a token of appreciation, and this tradition continues to this day.

Today, gold is a popular gift in many parts of the world, especially to mark special occasions and festivals.

There is a good reason for the longevity of gold as a gift.

Many gifts bring short-term happiness, but with time they tend to fade in value. Gold, however, has not just held its value but increased it over the years.

By gifting gold, you not only bring immediate happiness to your loved ones but you also give a store of value for them to save or spend.

Make your presence felt by gifting gold

While giving gifts is a great way to show your appreciation, gold goes beyond just being a token of love.
Gifting real gold, however, can be challenging in the current landscape, especially if your loved ones live abroad.

The good news is that the award-winning Rush Gold platform transforms how you can send gold to your loved ones by giving you the tools you need to send gold easily. There are no transfer fees, and you can even choose a wrapping paper and add a personalised message! Your loved ones just need to open a free Rush Gold account: The gold you send will be waiting for them!

Start gifting.

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