Friends are golden

You and your friends can earn free gold with Rush Gold. Refer a friend, and when they buy AUD$300 of gold, you’ll both receive G10 (100 mg) of investment-grade gold.

What’s better than free money? Free gold!

It’s easy

As long as your friends are over 18 and live in a country where Rush Gold operates, they can sign up. You can refer by email or phone or whatsapp, and there’s a quick link in the menu of the Rush Gold app. And you can refer as many friends as you like. That gold quickly adds up!

And it’s worth it.

It’s more than free gold. It’s a precious commodity that can grow over time. You and your friends hold one of the top performing assets in the world.

Hold it, grow it, sell it or use gold just like cash.

Why Gold

Add gold to your life

Download the Rush Gold app to get started