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Silver has been a symbol of wealth and a unit of currency for centuries. And in today’s modern world, its unique properties make it a critical component in industries ranging from green technologies, electronics and medicine, meaning demand is increasing more rapidly than supply.

If you’re wondering how to buy silver as an investment, there are several routes you can take. You can purchase physical silver bars or coins, invest in silver mining companies, or choose silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for more fluid trading options.

Alternatively, a modern and convenient approach is also now available—investing in physical silver digitally, with secure storage taken care of on your behalf. We’ll explore all these options in detail below.


Investing in silver on the stock market

Investing in silver through the stock market can be done by purchasing shares in silver mining and exploration companies or through silver ETFs.

When silver prices climb, stocks associated with silver are likely to follow suit. However, investing in individual companies carries the risk of operational issues. Exploration companies, in particular, carry high risk but also the potential for substantial returns.

A silver ETF trades like a stock and is backed by physical silver, allowing investors to benefit from silver price movements without the complexities of physical ownership. However, some ETFs may hold silver derivative contracts, introducing additional counterparty risks.

Investing in a silver ETF can offer exposure to silver’s price movements while mitigating some risks associated with physical silver, such as storage and insurance.


Investing in silver crypto-currencies

The advent of “silver-backed cryptocurrency tokens” has introduced silver to blockchain technology. These tokens vary significantly, and it’s essential to understand the legal ownership rights they confer.

Investors should be cautious of tokens backed by silver derivatives and understand the risks of hacking or technical issues.


Investing in physical silver

Owning physical silver provides a tangible asset that has maintained its value over time. When purchasing silver bullion, ensure it meets investment-grade purity standards, typically 99.9% pure silver.

Acquiring physical silver can pose logistical challenges, such as delivery and storage. Secure storage options include safety deposit boxes or vault storage services, though these come with fees. Home storage is possible but requires adequate insurance and may affect resale value due to the need for re-verification of the silver’s quality.


How to buy silver the right way? Rush gives you digital access to physical silvergold

We’ve revolutionised the way you can invest in physical silver. With our app, you can buy and sell physical silver bullion digitally, enjoying the benefits of physical ownership without the hassle of storage and insurance concerns.

Your investment in silver bullion is 99.9% pure and sourced from refiners accredited by leading industry bodies. It’s stored securely in high-security vaults in Brink’s Global Services, and audited regularly by Bureau Veritas to ensure the integrity of your investment.

Rush is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, offering you the protection of stringent Australian laws. Your silver is also insured against damage or theft by Lloyds of London, providing peace of mind.

Our app is user-friendly, allowing you to manage your silver investments effortlessly. There are no hidden fees, with low storage fees ,a transparent 1% trading fee (capped at $90) and no minimum transaction requirements.

Available to residents of multiple countries, our app also enables you to send or gift silver at no additional cost.

So the next time you ask yourself how to buy silver; you already have the answer.

Why buy silver?

Silver is a valuable asset to consider for your portfolio, especially during uncertain economic times:

  • Silver has preserved its value over the centuries, making it a reliable hedge against the devaluation of fiat currencies.
  • Diversification with silver can strengthen your investment portfolio since its price typically has a low correlation with stocks, bonds, and real estate.
  • Silver stands apart from financial systems and governments, representing a form of wealth that remains unaffected by the performance of money markets or the stability of banking institutions.

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I have found very few issues with the service its self and i use it quite frequently to store extra cash. Had no issues using the money on the couple times i have used the Digital card. The layout is very simple, when dealing with money its a good thing.

So, I was already a Rush Gold user and Goldrush was a great way to add gold to my account. It was a lot of fun – running around the park. I certainly got a few nuggets of gold.

Brett S

Our rewards program clients look to us for innovative and simple-to-manage rewards options that can generate excitement and appreciation by their millions of members, and when we were introduced to Rush Gold we immediately saw a potential fit. The fact they had their Gold-as-a-Service APIs meant we could easily integrate their offer with our existing systems.


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