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There’s been a lot of press about gold lately. And a lot of interest in Rush Gold. Find out more including our market insights.

Insights – SendGold featured in the AFR on the importance of owning direct title to your gold

Insights – SendGold featured in the AFR on the importance of owning direct title to your gold

Gold Market Update

Gold rose last week, smashing its all time peak of USD 2,000, as a sliding dollar and dire economic numbers from far and wide sparked a rush to safety in bullion, which saw its biggest monthly gain since February 2016.

Put differently, this means that everyone who has ever purchased gold in the past is now showing a profit.    

Prices hit a record USD $2,000 on Tuesday and are up over 10% in July. The macro-environment for gold still remains very positive and prices continue to track real rates. Extreme weakness in the U.S. dollar has helped buoy gold prices further.

The dollar was on track for its biggest monthly drop in almost a decade. Data showed the U.S. economy suffered its harshest blow since the Great Depression in the second quarter due to the pandemic, while investors also geared up for an uncertain political situation in the country. 

Gold price this month in AUD/OZ


 SendGold Viewpoints

This week our CEO Jodi Stanton was interviewed by Aleks Vickovich, wealth editor of the Australian Financial Review, on the outlook of gold price and the importance of owning direct title to your gold.

Read the full page article:

Gold in the News

Here are a few articles trending on the subject of gold. 

Western investors piling into gold in the pandemic are more than making up for a collapse in demand for physical metal from traditional retail buyers in China and India, helping push prices to all time highs:  

It’s remarkable to see the Bank for International Settlements, the “central bank of central banks”, state the following: “In a fiat money system, where money is not backed by a physical asset, such as gold, trust ultimately depends on the general acceptance of pieces of paper that cannot be redeemed in anything but themselves”.  Their detailed June 2020 report gives an “insider’s insider” view of where we may be heading (PDF):

Should the U.S. Federal Reserve reduce base interest rates to negative territory, gold would likely be catapulted to fresh all-time highs, according to Standard Chartered Bank. Investors still appear to be under allocated to gold, and negative rates could draw interest from retail to the official sector:

This week we highlight the excellent ongoing analysis by The World Gold Council. Generally, their analysis supports the view that prices of a commodity are set at the margins.

In other words, it is not what the great stock of gold does, it’s the additional marginal demand (or lack thereof) by various sectors (jewellery, investment) that determine the price: 

“First half jewellery demand was hammered by market lockdowns and gold prices reaching record highs in various currencies”

H1 jewellery demand almost halved to 572 tonnes amid the global disruption caused by COVID-19. The impact of the pandemic was unsparing and Q2 demand fell to an unprecedented 251 tonnes.

“H1 global investment demand hit an all-time high of 1,130.7 tonnes with a record value of US $60bn”

Mounting expectations for the global economic recovery to be ‘U’- or ‘W’- rather than ‘V’-shaped are supporting demand for gold as a risk-diversifying asset. And while stock markets across the globe have enjoyed a recovery from the Q1 sharp correction, valuations in some areas are arguably getting a little frothy – throwing the spotlight on gold’s properties as a hedge to balance investment in riskier assets.

“Gold: East versus West”

Buyers in the East tend to buy more when prices are low or falling. Buyers in the West tend to buy more when prices are high or rising. “The profit-taking motive dominated sentiment in the East, while safe-haven buying and momentum investment took centre stage in Western markets, where investors added to their holdings amid economic uncertainty and expectations of further price gains”.

To read the World Gold Council Q2 2020 report click here:

SendGold Handy Hints

You can earn gold in your account by referring a friend to SendGold:

There’s an easy way to earn more gold in your SendGold account.

Simply press the Send button in the app, select the amount you wish to send, and enter the recipient’s email or mobile number. Your recipient will get a link to the app and when they register their gold will be waiting for them. They can now buy more, cash out and receive funds to their bank, or send some on to one of their friends.

If your recipient does not register and receive their gold within 25 calendar days we simply return the gold you sent back to your account. Simple!

Remember, we are here to answer any questions. Just email us on

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