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There’s been a lot of press about gold lately. And a lot of interest in Rush Gold. Find out more including our market insights.

Insights: Macroeconomic forces and future gold prices

Insights: Macroeconomic forces and future gold prices

Gold market update

Gold extended its recovery on Monday buoyed by a pullback in US Treasury yields and some safe-haven buying spurred by COVID-19 related concerns, with investors looking for more direction from the Federal Reserve on monetary policy.

Spot gold rose 0.5% to USD $1,787.76 per ounce by 14:40 GMT Monday, erasing declines from earlier in the session. US gold futures gained 0.6% to $1,788.10.

Prices jumped more than 1% last Friday after data showed US consumer sentiment plummeted in August, helping the metal recover from steep declines in the earlier part of last week after bets for tapering got a boost from recent, strong labour data.

COVID-19-related safe-haven buying has been seen in Europe, said TD Securities commodity strategist Daniel Ghali, adding that a rising trend of higher gold purchases from central banks is providing underlying support to bullion.

Gold price this month in AUD/OZ

gold prices

Rush viewpoints

This week we take a deep dive into some of the large-scale macroeconomic forces we think will boost the price of gold in the coming months and years.

Read the article: Is oil the canary in the gold mine?

Gold in the news

Here are a few articles trending on the subject of gold:

  • The Wall Street Journal revisits the stability of the gold standard era and debunks a number of myths related to that era. If central banks want price stability there is a simple way to get it:

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