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There’s been a lot of press about gold lately. And a lot of interest in Rush Gold. Find out more including our market insights.

Insights: What does a fair financial future look like?

Insights: What does a fair financial future look like?

Gold market update

Gold prices rose on Monday, supported by easing US bond yields and concerns over rising Delta variant infections, with investors eyeing the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting this week.

Spot gold rose 0.3% to $1,806.80 per ounce by 06:49 GMT. US gold futures climbed 0.3% to $1,806.70.

“There is no guarantee (that) we have gotten rid of this scourge (COVID-19) and this is continuing to keep safe-haven bid under gold simply because that could possibly keep central banks on the dovish side,” said Stephen Innes, managing partner at SPI Asset Management.

Gold price this month in AUD/OZ

financial future

Rush viewpoints

Could cryptocurrency secure a fair financial future? The country of El Salvador has taken the decision to add Bitcoin as legal tender. This week we explore whether Bitcoin can deliver the fair financial future they’re seeking.

Read the article: Bitcoin, gold, and inclusion.

Gold in the news

Here are a few articles trending on the subject of gold:

  • Banking industry accounting rule changes can definitely put someone to sleep, but the changes around gold accounting by the biggest banks in the world are worth paying attention to. This article says gold will rise, but don’t expect a straight line or zero discomfort/volatility. Matthew Piepenberg explains why:

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