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Boost your revenue with real-time digital gold and silver transactions
in your platform​.

Integrate real-time bullion transactions seamlessly​

Unlock the potential of alternative assets with Rush’s Institutional APIs. Trusted by leading financial institutions worldwide, our APIs offer a seamless solution for integrating gold and silver transactions into your platform.

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Rush APIs 

Maximise revenue

Maximise revenue

Tap into the growing demand for alternative assets and unlock new revenue streams for your business.

Enhanced customer experience

Enhanced customer experience

Offer seamless gold and silver transactions within your platform, maintaining consistency with your brand’s customer experience.

Streamlined operations

Streamlined operations

From client onboarding to transaction processing, Rush’s APIs provide a comprehensive solution for managing gold and silver transactions.

Leverage our expertise and experience

  • Industry Experience: With years of experience in the gold and silver market, Rush is a recognized leader in providing innovative solutions for bullion transactions.
  • Direct title to gold and silver bullion: Rush API provides Rush’s signature gold and silver bullion service to embed in your platform.​
  • Trusted partner: Count on Rush’s proven track record of reliability and security, backed by our partnerships with top-tier financial institutions.
  • Technical excellence: Our team of experts combines technical prowess with industry knowledge to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.​​

Partnered with world-leading providers

Serious about security, service and quality

API functions

Offering the ability to integrate investment-grade gold and silver into a range of platforms, Rush has developed straightforward and robust industry-standard APIs to embed digital gold and/or silver transactions native in your platform or app.

Client Account Management | Asset custody, audit & insurance | Asset transaction processing (buy/sell) | Asset transfers | Fiat settlements (90+) | Multi-currency pricing | Float management | Transaction reporting & reconciliation | Partner toolkit (marketing)

Client Account Management

Create customer accounts on demand in real-time.

These accounts hold the customers’ asset balances for which the customer is the beneficial owner. We provide to you all the transactions that contribute to that balance so there is no need for you to duplicate that information in your systems.

Asset custody, audit and insurance

  • Your customer is the outright individual owner of physical gold metal
  • Sourced exclusively from refiners certified by the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA)
  • Insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft
  • Vaulted with the world’s largest precious metals custodian Brink’s Global Services
  • Physically audited for weight and purity by Bureau Veritas
  • Regulated under Rush Gold’s Australian Financial Services Licence #100529055
  • Segregated Bullion is available for large clients

Asset transaction processing (buy/sell)

Benefit from a quote/execute pattern for transactions, facilitating a seamless customer UX. The quote contains all amounts, prices and fees and can be shown directly to your customer. Quotes are valid for 60 seconds and can be either executed or discarded without penalty.

Purchases can be settled instantly against an existing float balance or later via electronic funds transfer. Instant settlement increases the velocity of transactions. Delayed settlement facilitates significantly larger transactions. The settlement method can be chosen by you on an order-by-order basis.

Funds from sales can be repatriated to your float, delivered to your business for disbursement or delivered directly to your customer’s bank.

Asset transfers

Enable instant peer-to-peer wealth transfer, allowing your customers to transfer a weight or value of assets between themselves for payment or gifting.

Fiat settlements (90+)

Repatriate funds in any one of over 90 currencies at wholesale FX rates, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your customers.

Multi-currency pricing

Make prices for our assets in any one of over 90 currencies, updated every 60 seconds. You can choose currency you require for your market and express the weight of the asset in the denomination of your choice.

Float management

Monitor your float balance in real time to determine if a transaction can be settled by the float or proactively switch to delayed settlement for larger transactions.

All the transactions that modify the float balance are available to you.

Transaction reporting & reconciliation

Access via your Rush management portal, or via API, all the data necessary for you to report and reconcile your business including customer balances, customer transactions, float transactions and disbursement reports.

A segregated bullion holdings report is available for clients that choose that facility.

Paginated reports and unique transaction numbers make reconciliation a simple task.

Partner toolkit

Leverage our custom portal with co-branded assets to help you promote and educate your customer about the role of gold and silver in any portfolio.

Innovate with gold & silver bullion

Stand out against your competition while adding a new revenue stream.

Financial Services

Elevate banking, wealth management and digital wallets.

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Gift Cards & Vouchers

Transforming gifting:
Solutions for a sustainable future.

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Rewards & Points Redemption

Take frequent flyer, reward and loyalty programs
to the next level.

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Empower your gaming vision with Rush:
Revolutionising player engagement, monetisation and innovation.

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Communities & Marketplaces

Transforming platforms:
Empower, engage, and prosper with bullion APIs.

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This distribution agreement will not only help generate additional revenue for Golden Matrix, but also serve to support the company’s unique value proposition with our global clients. We can now provide social gaming audiences with additional real-world value inside their current popular games.


I really like the fact that Rush Gold has been built to an institutional standard. It is approved by the appropriate regulators, is AML and KYC compliant and has been developed by some of the world’s best security experts. As the regulation in “crypto” catches up to securities regulation, they will not be caught out.

David K

Once we learned about Rush Gold, we saw the potential value for our platform users. There’s a lot of cost and friction between the world’s currencies and many of them are unreliable as stores of value. With Rush Gold we can offer a universal, global store of wealth that is also fully-liquid for instant low-cost P2P exchanges. It’s an excellent fit.


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