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Jodi Stanton recognised as a finalist at the Women Leading Tech Awards

Jodi Stanton recognised as a finalist at the Women Leading Tech Awards

A big congratulations to Jodi Stanton, our CEO, on being named a finalist in the Entrepreneur/Founder category of the Women Leading Tech Awards! 

An accolade awarded in collaboration with Google, the award recognises the monumental strides women are making across leadership, engineering, product, data science, design, marketing, mentorship, sales, and women’s advocacy.

The goal, here, is to shine a spotlight on the work, dedication, and skills women are responsible for, which, ultimately, contributes to big projects and big ideas; those that make a difference.

SendGold and Jodi’s contribution to the FinTech industry 

A pioneer in the FinTech space, Jodi’s contribution to helping people begin their path towards greater wealth management, particularly through investing in digital gold, has been commended before. Having been recognised as the FemTech Leader of the Year (2019) by the Fintech Business Awards, her work has led SendGold across the globe and we now operate in 13 countries including Dubai, India, and the US.

The announcement, timed with this year’s International Women’s Day, validates the hard work women like Jodi contribute to society, helping us progress beyond the dreams of our predecessors. In Jodi’s words, “Each year, my network of technology-focused women greatly expands, and as a member of the Western Sydney University Board of Trustees Committee, I’ve noted the increase in women enrolling in tech-centric programmes across the board. Even my son’s primary school coding class has equal participation between genders. I tip my hat to Helen Souness (RMIT Online), Joanna Wong (90 Seconds), Kate Quirke (Alcidion), Kathryn Carter (Snap Inc), Michelle O’Keeffe (, Rachelle St Ledger (EML Payments), Alexandra Watson (Code Like a Girl), Emma Jones (Project F), Judy Sahay (Crowd Media Group), Kath Blackham (Versa), Lauren Crystal (Your Creative Agency), and all of the other finalists. I look forward to a fun event on 8 April.”

Under her direction and leadership, SendGold has evolved into a truly revolutionary service for tech-savvy gold investors. Beyond just buying gold in seconds, our platform allows investors to sell gold, gift gold, and stay ahead of trends by leveraging our historic gold price charts. 

Honouring women carving out their own legacies

At SendGold, we prize the contribution women bring to the table in spite of the personal and professional barriers they face along the way. It’s precisely for this reason that we believe in creating a culture where women can contribute meaningfully and succeed.

We have strong, empowered women leading our ranks and those who have helped SendGold become the brand it is today.

With leaders and trailblazers like Jodi, we’ve been able to come closer to our goal of helping Australians manage their wealth and investment portfolio with greater success.

Wish Jodi good luck!

With the event taking place on 8th April 2020, we’re less than a month away from the inaugural award ceremony. We wish all nominees the best of luck and the heartiest congratulations on being nominated!

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