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Our new SendGold app is live in the app stores

Our new SendGold app is live in the app stores

Take a Look at the New SendGold App!

Here at SendGold our new SendGold App aims to make your experience as safe and transparent as it would be with any financial service provider – with the added benefit of ease and convenience, of course.

With the launch of our new app we’ve expanded our services and made it easier for you to tap into the power of gold. From exciting gift wrap options to extending our reach to brand new countries, we’re revolutionising gold ownership for those looking to secure their future!

Continue reading our post to better understand our brand new features!

Higher limits, Lower fees

Ever felt like our previous price caps were holding you back from building your fortune?

With our new app we have increased our transaction limits (sell + send + receive) to AUD 99,999 (~USD 70,000) in any 30-day period.

What’s more, our fees are some of the lowest in the industry. In fact, there’s just a 1% transaction fee for the purchase and sale of gold, capped off at a maximum of $90 per transaction. We lowered this from 1.6%.

To leverage our higher transaction limits and lower fees, simply download our new and improved SendGold app.

Set-and-forget with automatic purchase options

Some of our users have said they wanted to make regular gold payments but have simply forgotten every time it came down to it. SendGold now accepts BPAY automatic banking deposits so you can set-and-forget automatic gold purchases. This is available to Australian customers at this time.

All you need to do it set the initial purchase order and schedule it in with your bank. Setting up automatic purchases with the SendGold app is safe, transparent, and secure since it’s enabled through our banking partners.

Gift wrapping for your gold gifts

One of our most talked about features is our gold gifting option. Even with our original app, users such as yourself could send gold as a gift to anyone with a SendGold account.

With our new app updates we’ve made this option even more exciting and festive enough for just about any occasion. Customise your gifts with our fun gift wrap options and send them to your friends and family today!

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More reach globally

One of the most exciting changes we’ve made to our app is the fact that you can now send and gift gold to your colleagues and loved ones in 12 countries, including the U.S., China, and India.

For recipients who already have a SendGold account the process is almost instantaneous – they receive their gold in seconds. If they don’t have a SendGold account yet you will simply need to enter your recipient’s phone number or email address. They’ll receive an SMS or email showing how much you’ve sent and prompting them to download our app. Once they register the gold will be waiting for them in their new account.

Add contacts from your phone

Another handy feature we’ve included in our new app is the ability to add your friends and family directly from your contact list.

This makes it easier for you to begin transferring and gifting gold to your loved ones today! It’s a great way to show appreciation, say thank you, or just get someone started with the world of investing. All with just a few taps on your phone.

Pricing charts

Here at SendGold transparency means everything to us. In order to help you make more informed purchase decisions, our new app features gold pricing charts, displaying historical values of the gold price.

With this information, you can gain a clear understanding of where the market may be heading and what the current trends are. And we’ve got even more useful charting features in the works.

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So…why should you download the new SendGold app?

At SendGold (now Rush), we help you secure your wealth, give meaningful gifts to loved ones at home and abroad, and make payments with gold.

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