Buy both gold and silver at once

Save time and build your portfolio efficiently using Rush’s new out-of-app purchase asset allocation.

You can now purchase both gold and/or silver with a single payment directly from your bank by first setting up your asset allocation preference in the Rush app.

Set your out-of-app asset purchase allocation

By default, 100% of funds received from your out-of-app purchases will be used to purchase gold.

In order to add silver, you will need to change this allocation by following the steps below.

Step 1

Step 1

Open the menu on the Rush app and select ‘Settings’.

Step 2

Step 2

Select ‘Out-of-app Purchases’.

Step 3

Step 3

Enter your preferred allocation and save your selection.

Purchase gold or silver out-of-app, directly from your bank

Many customers choose to use Rush’s efficient out-of-app purchase feature. This is available once you have completed your first PayID or BPay payment within the app. You will then be allocated a PayID or BPay biller code and (customer) reference number which you can reuse at anytime without revisiting the Rush app.

If you have not yet made your first in-app PayID or BPay purchase, read more.

If you have previously made a PayID or BPay purchase, your details will be stored with your bank. Alternatively they are emailed to you each time you make an in-app PayID or BPay purchase.

Set up Dollar Cost Averaging with automatic payments directly from your bank

Dollar Cost Averaging may be the smart way to buy gold and silver. Now that you have your PayID and BPay details, you can easily set up a recurring purchase from your banking app or online. Read more.

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