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Friends are precious

You and your friends will earn free gold simply by joining Rush and making an eligible purchase.

Refer a friend and when they buy a minimum of AU$300 of gold or silver in a single transaction, you’ll both receive G10 (100mg) of pure gold.

What’s better than free money? Free gold!

Refer a friend

And it’s worth it.

It’s more than free gold. It’s a precious commodity that can grow over time. You and your friends hold some of the top performing assets in the world.

Hold it, grow it, sell it or use gold just like cash.

Why Gold

24/7 market for buy, sell, transfer and spend. Not sure how muyh of my investment assets should be in this asset, but I’ve been adding each money for a year and pretty happy with my return so far even though I’m in it for the long term.

This was my first online gold-banking service I encountered, and, for my money, the last! If you want to preserve your hard-earned wealth against a slowly collapsing cash system and ever-growing inflation, with all the ease of a conventional banking app, look no further.

So easy to buy and sell real gold (holding direct title ie not via funds or ETF), all safely secured, insured and protected. You also get a Mastercard so you can pay using your gold anytime and can also sell gold via the app any time and instantly receive funds (in all major currencies). Simple, effective, and efficient.

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