Australia has a strict regime of regulations that govern the delivery of goods and services and the conduct of companies that are based here and has a number of regulatory bodies that enforce them.

Australian Property Law

The rights of private property owners are enshrined in the Australian Constitution, confirming Australia as a “Common Law” country with property rights protections built up over centuries of law back to the Magna Carta in the year 1215. Under this body of law it is absolutely illegal, on both a State and Federal level, for the government to confiscate someone’s private property without due process.

The independent international Property Rights Alliance gives Australia one of the highest scores in the world (8.24) for its property rights protections. By comparison, the United States receives a score of 8.07, Germany a score of 7.95, China a score of 5.71, and India a score of 5.56.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Under Australian Consumer Law, when you buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what you asked for. These guarantees include your rights to a replacement or refund as well as compensation for damages and loss.

Rush is compliant with all aspects of Australian Consumer Law.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Mobile Assets Pty Ltd is a corporate authorised representative of LeMessurier Securities Pty Ltd (AFS License No. 296877). ASIC is an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia’s corporate regulator. ASIC’s role is to enforce and regulate company and financial services laws to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors. Rush is compliant with ASIC guidelines.

The Australian Privacy Act of 2008

The Privacy Act of 2008 is an Australian law which regulates the handling of personal information about individuals. SendGold has developed a stringent privacy policy that is in compliance with the Privacy Act. You can review that policy here.


However, investing in gold requires, not just an understanding of Australia’s regulatory laws but also knowledge of different economic and geostrategic factors that could affect gold prices. Check out our blog on legal, economic, and geostrategic factors to learn more.

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