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SendGold enters the rewards market with a new Gold-as-a-Service deal with Global Rewards Solutions

SendGold enters the rewards market with a new Gold-as-a-Service deal with Global Rewards Solutions

We are excited to announce we have gone live this week with our GaaS partner Global Rewards Solutions, the world’s leading cloud-based rewards platform, to offer instant rewards of gold bullion through their platform.

Everyone has heard of ‘Gold’ rewards programs before, but this is the real thing.

For the first-time loyalty program members will be able to use their loyalty points not just for spending but to instantly save and invest in one of the world’s premier investment assets. SendGold’s aim has always been to make gold simple, accessible, liquid, and useful, and this partnership shows how we can do that not only for our retail SendGold app customers but also for our growing list of distributors.

Global Rewards Solutions supply many of the Fortune 500 companies and a worldwide community of recognition, incentives, training, and reward experts across North America, South America, Africa, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, India and Australia.

“Our rewards program clients look to us for innovative and simple-to-manage rewards options that can generate excitement and appreciation by their millions of members”, said Global Rewards Asia-Pacific V.P. of Operations Rick Matthews “and when we were introduced to SendGold we immediately saw a potential fit. The fact they had their Gold-as-a-Service APIs meant we could easily integrate their offer with our existing systems”.

Gold-as-a-Service by SendGold makes it simple for e-commerce sites, loyalty programs, games platforms, messaging apps and more to increase revenues and excite users with a timeless and universal asset that has fascinated people for centuries. Since gold is not a financial product, and since it has none of the security and regulatory concerns of other new forms of digital money, site and platform owners can let their customers build and hold real wealth directly inside their products and services without a requirement for financial licensing.

The gold bullion option in the Platform’s catalogue is live now in Australia with global rollout starting with China and India slated for 3Q and 4Q 2018.

The ways people hold and transfer value around the world is changing rapidly and based on gold’s clearly-defined legal and regulatory status, deep trading markets, universal acceptance, and 2500-year backtest for maintaining its value, we think this is just the beginning.

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