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There’s been a lot of press about gold lately. And a lot of interest in Rush Gold. Find out more including our market insights.

SendGold launches new website

SendGold launches new website

SendGold launches new website!

SendGold has been focusing on security, global regulatory and our new app Gold Rush.

But this month we invite you to check out our new website. In 2Q next year we will invite you to check out our new, much much improved, SendGold app.

What is new

  1. We’ve added a video on how it all works right on the home page.
  2. We’ve told you more about our security and compliance.
  3. We’ve added information about our promotional app Gold Rush – think Pokémon GO, but with real gold. We’d rather put our marketing dollars directly in your hands than those who paste ads on the back of busses.
  4. We’ve showcased many new screens from our new app (out in 2Q 2018).
  5. We’ve started to add your testimonials – lots to come.
  6. We’ve focused the entire website around your frequently asked questions.

Visit our website and let us know what you think.