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SendGold launches “world first” Gold Rush at StartCon 2017!

SendGold launches “world first” Gold Rush at StartCon 2017!

Pokémon GO with real gold!

We hope to see you at StartCon on December 1.

SendGold is making investment hyper-liquid, universally accessible, and social. As a beta test, SendGold will be running an exclusive “world first” Gold Rush at StartCon 2017 on 1 December.

SendGold is about to launch Gold Rush, a simple Pokémon GO-style game, to get people talking about SendGold. Instead of capturing game animals, however, you capture Gold Bars that are added to your SendGold account. The app combines augmented reality, geo-caching, gold tokenisation and map geo-fencing into a very simple app. We are gamifying and innovating one of history’s most reliable assets.

We will be giving away over 55,000 milligrams of gold for StartCon participants to find and claim. Better than a poke in the eye and all participants have to do is get to the gold bars before their colleagues during the conference breaks. The larger give away will be between the last session and 6PM drinks.

We’re early days but we look forward to giving away some gold to our early adopters!

How to play SendGold’s Gold Rush

1/ If you have not already, download the SendGold app and register (takes 2 minutes)

2/ Download the Gold Rush app and look for a “game zone”

3/ Once in a “Gameplay Zone”, get yourself to a ‘hot spot’, one of those orange circles

4/ Switch your phone to camera mode and start to hunt for gold

5/ Be quick! Tap on the bar of gold when you find it. The gold value will be placed immediately in your SendGold account. You can buy more, send some as a payment or gift, or cash out.

The fine print (we made it bigger)

In order to participate in the Gold Rush beta, you will first need to get the SendGold app at (app store, app store) and register (takes two minutes).

You must be 18 years of age or older.

Don’t forget to verify your email at the link we’ll send you (check your Spam folder if you don’t receive it).

You log in to Gold Rush using your SendGold email.

You’ll need Location Services turned on to find the gold (the app should remind you).

The legally bits are under terms and conditions you’ll find on the Gold Rush app.

Keep in mind that Gold Rush is still in beta, we’ve tested it extensively on most devices but would love to get any feedback you have.

Visit our blog or our Facebook page for our public Gold Rush in the coming days!

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