Redefining investment horizons with silver

Silver has been a symbol of wealth and a medium of exchange for generations, complementing gold as a precious metal investment. Unlike other assets, silver offers a unique combination of affordability and growth potential, making it an attractive option for a diverse range of investors.

At Rush, we’re pioneering the way people invest in and own silver. Our app puts the power of silver investment in your hands—allowing you to buy, sell, gift, and pay with silver effortlessly.

Understanding ETFs

An ETF, or Exchange-Traded Fund, is a type of investment fund that tracks an asset or group of assets. A silver ETF specialises in investments tied to the price of silver. With its dual role as both a financial asset and an industrial commodity, silver attracts investors for its price appreciation potential and industrial demand.

How silver ETFs operate

Silver ETFs typically invest in physical silver or assets backed by silver. They offer investors exposure to silver price movements without the need to own the metal directly. These ETFs are structured as trusts that purchase silver bullion and issue shares to investors.

While shareholders may not hold the silver physically, they have a stake in the silver held by the ETF. As the price of silver fluctuates, so does the value of the ETF shares. Silver ETFs may charge an annual fee, which is generally considered reasonable for the convenience they provide.

The investment appeal of silver ETFs

ETFs are regarded as a practical method to tap into the advantages of silver investment. Silver often exhibits a negative correlation with other asset classes, making it a strategic choice for portfolio diversification. In times of market uncertainty or inflation, silver can serve as a hedge, preserving purchasing power.

Silver’s tangible nature, along with its growing industrial applications, particularly in renewable energy and technology sectors, supports its ongoing demand. Despite its abundant availability, high-quality silver remains sought after, enhancing its investment appeal.

Investing in silver ETFs in Australia

Australia’s ASX stock exchange lists several silver ETFs, offering investors a variety of options. To invest, one would purchase shares through a trading platform using an online trading account.

However, at Rush, we believe in the direct benefits of silver ownership, rather than as an investment instrument. Our straightforward approach ensures that your investment is safeguarded by property rights laws, reducing systemic risks associated with intermediaries.

Your gateway to silver investment with Rush

If you’re interested in owning physical silver but unsure about the process, Rush is here to assist.

Our user-friendly app simplifies the investment process. There are no minimum purchase requirements, and you become the direct owner of insured silver stored securely in a vault. Our platform enhances the liquidity of your silver, enabling you to trade, monitor prices, and even use silver for transactions with the Rush Debit Card.

Experience the convenience of real-time silver ownership with Rush.


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