Rush is a premium wealth asset

Harness the power of precious metals in your retirement fund, self- managed super fund (SMSF), or family office with unparalleled utility.

Unprecedented safety, liquidity & accessibility.

Bullion is bullion and funds are funds. When seeking the true wealth protection of assets that have stood the test of time more and more investors are making sure they own the real thing, protecting against systemic risk.

  • Rush is truly unique – giving you the power to manage your physical assets with a modern and seamless interface
  • Direct title to .9999 gold, sustainably sourced from LBMA certified refiners
  • Buy, sell, gift or send globally 24/7 through the Rush Gold App available on Apple, Android or Web app
  • Safely held in secure vaults in Australia, with some of the strongest property rights in the world
  • Use gold as a currency and spend globally in real-time from your Rush Mastercard®, online or via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay mobile wallets (Australia only)

Direct ownership of physical bullion

Central banks, large superannuation funds, and some of the world’s leading investors hold gold and silver bullion to mitigate systemic risk.

When you invest in gold or silver with Rush you receive title to the physical bullion. Unlike other “backed by gold” instruments such as ETFs or tokens you have ownership of real metal assets. Your gold or silver ownership is legally protected under Australian law, a stable jurisdiction with strict regulations and some of the world’s strongest property rights.

Find out more about why investors are turning to gold in today’s market with our exclusive report “Building your wealth in 2023: why investors are moving to gold in the new market conditions”

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Unrivalled liquidity and control worldwide

  • Diversity your physical gold holdings globally under safe jurisdiction
  • You can buy, sell, send or gift gold 24/7
  • Set price alerts through the app and never miss an opportunity
  • Access our concierge service for high value transactions
  • Australian residents can spend their gold around the world online or with their Rush Mastercard and through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay (Australia only)

Rush is the cost effective way to invest in direct title to bullion

With direct title, competitive transaction fees, and low vaulting fees , Rush compares favourably with ETFs where you don’t own direct title. And with transaction fees capped at $90, larger purchases become even more attractive.

Our fees

Rush concierge service for high-value transactions

Rush offers personalized client service. Upon opening a Family Office, Trust or SMSF account, you will be assigned a personal Concierge who can be reached via phone and email.

Your Concierge can discuss and implement an individual market entry schedule for the efficient deployment of larger capital commitments.

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Unparalleled security for your family or retirement

  • Outright ownership of physical gold or silver investment-grade bullion
  • Sourced exclusively from refiners certified by the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA), which means it’s free from child labour, conflict financing and human rights abuses
  • Insured by Lloyd’s of London against damage or theft
  • Vaulted with the world’s largest precious metals custodian Brink’s Global Services
  • Physically audited for weight and purity by Bureau Veritas
  • Regulated under Rush Gold’s Australian Financial Services Licence #100529055

Rush meets all your reporting needs

  • With real time pricing and full transaction and holding statements, Rush has all your accounting and super fund reporting needs covered
  • And with the Rush Gold-as-a-Service API we can plug your data straight into your existing advisor or wealth manager’s platform for seamless accounting and analysis

In my opinion, fiat currencies are faith documents; cryptocurrencies are faith data signals. However with simple commodity exchange in the palm of your hand, based on 100% physical gold, Rush Gold may just be onto something.

E.L. & C. Baillieu

Once we learned about Rush Gold, we saw the potential value for our platform users. There’s a lot of cost and friction between the world’s currencies and many of them are unreliable as stores of value. With Rush Gold we can offer a universal, global store of wealth that is also fully-liquid for instant low-cost P2P exchanges. It’s an excellent fit.


I really like the fact that Rush Gold has been built to an institutional standard. It is approved by the appropriate regulators, is AML and KYC compliant and has been developed by some of the world’s best security experts. As the regulation in “crypto” catches up to securities regulation, they will not be caught out.

David K

Love this app. So easy to buy and sell real gold (holding direct title, ie. not via funds or ETF), all safely secured, insured and protected. You can also sell gold via the app anytime and instantly receive funds (in all major currencies). Simple, effective and efficient. The best and safest way to own gold directly. Highly recommend.

Andrew Barlow

A critical aspect of holding any asset is the assurance to good, verified and secure title. This is particularly relevant given recent experience with cryptocurrencies. Rush Gold’s attention and focus on ensuring audited and verified holdings of gold, gives the holder confidence in buying, sending and holding gold – knowing that it’s in the vault.

Ken C

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