Effortlessly rebalance your portfolio

Smart investors actively manage their portfolios, optimising their asset holdings to take advantage of price movements.

Now Rush’s world-first ‘Switch’ option allows users to effectively ‘buy’ one asset with another in seconds, without ever leaving the app or moving funds.

And with Rush Switch, you save on fees on your purchases – meaning it’s not just easier, but now more cost effective to manage your portfolio!

Switch Now

Change your investment balance in seconds

It’s as simple as choosing which asset you want to switch, and the amount, and submitting your Switch order.

In the background, the Rush app will instantly sell the first asset and purchase the second asset with the proceeds.

Step 1

Step 1

Click Switch on the asset you’d like to sell.

Step 2

Step 2

Enter the value or weight you’d like to sell.

Step 3

Step 3

Confirm your switch.

Rush tools to manage your portfolio

Price alerts

Never miss an opportunity – set up Rush Price Alerts and you never have to search for gold and silver pricing – we’ll deliver it to you!

Set up price alerts

Out of app purchases

Set up a DCA strategy or simply use our Out-of-App payments to purchase gold and silver in whatever proportion you want!

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Transaction reporting

All Rush transaction records are available in the app – with sophisticated filtering and the ability to download and send to your finance professional.

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