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The ultimate Chinese New Year gifting guide – the dos and don’ts

The ultimate Chinese New Year gifting guide – the dos and don’ts

With the Chinese New Year approaching rapidly, it’s no surprise that many of us have our heads filled with creamy-red hongbaos, steaming Chinese dumplings and sticky rice cakes. If you’re celebrating this holiday, however, your head is bound to be filled with another matter of equal importance – giving the perfect Chinese New Year gift.

If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t have the luxury of time, take a look at our gift-giving dos and don’ts for all you need to know before you pick the perfect gift. Good luck!

Do think about the colour of your gifts

Given the importance ascribed to colours in Chinese culture, especially to gold, red and yellow, giving gifts in these colours can make you an instant party favourite.

If you’re trying to be a little creative with your gift-giving this year and still want to give gifts considered to be lucky, gold is always a good way to go. The best part is that you no longer have to shell out a mini fortune to make a good impression – with SendGold, you can now transfer gold via our app to your loved ones this Chinese New Year, for just about any amount you can afford

Whatever you decide to get, check if they have variations of it in gold, red or yellow for a truly prosperous gift. 

Don’t forget to do some research on CNY gifts – some are considered inauspicious

As with every culture, certain gift items don’t ring a tiding of wealth and prosperity – quite the opposite, in fact. 

Among the list of tabooed gifts for the new year include shoes, pears, fans, umbrellas and clocks or watches. While the list doesn’t end there, these are a few items that can cause quite a stir if they’re unwrapped at a Chinese New Year party. 

Make sure you’re the talk of the party, but for all the right reasons!

Don’t give gifts in sets of four

Another major gift-giving faux pas is giving someone a gift that comes in a set of four. This is because the word ‘four’ sounds similar to the word ‘death’ when stated in Mandarin

If you’re eager to give someone special a gift set though, you can always give them something in pairs of two or eight, which are considered to be much luckier and prosperous. ‘Eight’, when pronounced in Mandarin sounds like the word that means ‘to prosper’.

Do use both hands when presenting your gift

In addition to giving your gift plenty of thought, you also need to make sure that you present it in the right way. 

When exchanging gifts this Chinese New Year, make sure you use both hands as a sign of respect to the other person. In the same way, if you receive any gift, use both hands as well. 

Following these simple but deeply-revered customs will help you engage more meaningful on this occasion.

Don’t open your gifts right away

Another thing you need to know is that it’s considered bad form if you tear into your gifts as soon as you receive them. Given that your reaction to someone’s gift can either lead to satisfaction or disappointment for the giver, you’re expected to open your gifts in private. 

This is also so that someone who has given you a more modest gift won’t feel bad when they see that you’ve received more lavish gifts than theirs. 

Nail gift-giving this Chinese New Year with SendGold – your partner in prosperity

This Chinese New Year, ensure that your loved ones revel in the traditions and joy of this auspicious occasion with the right gifts and by following all its revered traditions. 

Whether you’re gifting generously-stuffed hongbaos, a delectable array of fresh fruit or digital gold, give each gift with complete goodwill and generosity to experience the true joy of this occasion. 

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