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The year of the metal Ox, the year of gold!

The year of the metal Ox, the year of gold!

Happy Lunar New Year! We hope the start of the lunar calendar ushers in good fortune for a prosperous 2021. 

This year, there’s a greater significance for everyone celebrating. Last year, the occasion was marred by the shadow of COVID-19. The dawn of 2021, however, is accompanied by a host of hope and good wishes for a better year. 

Whether you’re looking forward to the lantern festival, decorating your home, donning yourself in red or spending time with your family, the new year is a time for reflection. 

2020 may have given us a lot to reflect on, but the dawn of the Lunar New Year should prompt us to look forward to what the future holds. It’s not always easy to maintain positivity and invest in yourself when times are hard. This new year, however, marks the start of a new chapter. 

This year, spending time with your loved ones is that much sweeter. We now know what it’s like to be separated. An experience that is much harder to swallow during times of good fortune like the Lunar New Year. 

Whether you’ll be celebrating the year of the Ox with your nearest and dearest or starting new traditions, make sure you take control of your fortune and prosperity.

Predicting the future is no easy feat, but technology has been drawing us closer together during times of happiness and hardship alike. That’s why, here at Rush, our goal is to help you and your loved ones navigate these times with an asset like digital gold. 

What better way to commemorate the year of the metal Ox than with the value of a popular precious metal?

Gifting is even easier this year with the introduction of the Rush Mastercard! Now, Australian users can leverage the power of gold as a currency and pay with a card. Buy gold and use it like money with our all-new debit card.

You can also gift gold directly, usher in good fortune for your loved ones, and celebrate the Lunar New Year with the promise of wealth and prosperity. 

With Rush by your side, take control of your financial future in 2021.

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