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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for non-romantics

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for non-romantics

Another year, another Valentine’s Day around the corner. While this is an exciting occasion for many, there are plenty who dread cheesy romance – especially if you’re out of thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas, with the holiday just a few days away.

If you find traditional romantic gifts a little overdone, we’ve got a few ideas that will help you nail a gift that’s not just exciting but entirely out of the ordinary too.

Some of these are also excellent if you’ve decided to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day – it’s a great opportunity to honour a lifelong commitment to the one person you can truly count on: Yourself. 

Now of course many SendGold customers have already send the gift of gold this year – the perfect last minute gift – with their custom message and unique virtual gift card. But if you still need other ideas, here is a list we’ve come up with:

An Amazon gift card

Valentine’s gift-giving can be stressful because no matter how well you know someone, there may be certain things they don’t share with you – like their secret obsession with miniature Disney figurines, for instance.

Regardless of what they’re not telling you, Amazon gift cards are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because you’re basically just sponsoring a shopping spree on one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces on the internet. No biggie. 

A smart home assistant

Smart homes are all the rage these days and if you’re looking for a gift that will add real value to your partner’s (or your) life, a smart home assistant is a surefire choice.

Not only can these order you an Uber, place your go-to order on the Domino’s app, and wake you up on time, but soon, you will be able to have entire conversations with sophisticated assistants like Alexa.

The best part about buying one of these devices is that they’re available at different price points and come with incredible features – did you know that they can even double as powerful Bluetooth speakers?

Digital gold

They say diamonds are forever but few naturally-occurring commodities like gold have retained value over thousands of years and continue to be highly relevant, high-value investments.

If you want to be more creative than simply gifting your partner a gold chain or any type of gold jewellery, digital gold is a great way to make an investment on behalf of your loved one this Valentine’s Day – it doesn’t get any more non-romantic, yet deeply meaningful, than that!

Digital gold also happens to be a great gift to give yourself – one that will bail you out on a rainy day, especially given that gold only continues to become more scarce and is increasing in value.

On our app, SendGold, you cannot just buy and wrap up your gift in exciting Valentine’s Day-inspired gift wrap, but you can also sell your gold just as instantly as you buy it!

A weighted blanket

Another extremely popular (and non-romantic) gift idea is the weighted blanket that has set the internet ablaze with its proven benefits for anxiety and sleep.

Basically, these fluffy duvets, built with innovative cooling technology, are weighted, which means that when you cover yourself in them, there’s a relaxing pressure placed wherever your body is covered.

Proven to improve sleep, these blankets can be bought at different weights for people of different ages, tailoring the weight of the blanket with the bodyweight of the person it’s bought for.

Blue-light-blocking glasses

If you or your partner are all about the latest tech goodies up for grabs, blue-light-blocking glasses are a high-tech way to commemorate one of the most romantic days of the year.

These are perfect for people who spend all day in front of a computer or peering at their smartphones (basically, all of us). The glasses filter harmful blue light that disrupts the body’s Circadian Rhythm, which ultimately throws your sleep cycle off-balance.

Celebrate Valentine’s day with fun gift ideas that are meaningful and non-romantic

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be celebrated the way society demands you to. On the 14th of February, gift your special someone something that’s not a framed photo, a spa treatment or jewellery and actually make them feel special with something that’s a little different.

If it’s just you this Valentine’s Day, our gift ideas are still amazing – you just get to enjoy all the benefits yourself. Head to SendGold to begin your Valentine’s Day shopping – gold is a gift that keeps giving. 


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