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There’s been a lot of press about gold lately. And a lot of interest in Rush Gold. Find out more including our market insights.

What type of gold buyer are you?

What type of gold buyer are you?

Wondering why you should rush to gold? 

We built Rush Gold to democratise access to gold and make it easily accessible to everyonenot just a privileged few.

So, we’re excited to see that our customers are buying gold for all sorts of reasonsof course, the traditional diversification of assets, but also to save for a big purchase, saving for retirement, and even some preppers.

We see 9 different kinds of customers in our base, so if you’re on the fence about becoming a gold buyer then it might help to understand others’ motivations.

Which one are you? 

The Savvy Investor

You, like 15% of our customers, know your way around the investment market. You see the potential in gold and strategically invest in our favourite precious metal to diversify your investment portfolio. 

The Squirrel

You’re prepared for every eventuality and know that however sunny it may seem right now, preparing for the future is essential. 16% of our customers are proactively saving for their retirement. 

The Big Spender

You know how to enjoy the finer things in life and understand that choosing to treat yourself from time to time is what life is all about. You are joining 22% of our customers to save for a big purchase.  

The Smug

6% of Rush Gold investors are here to get out of debt as soon as possible. By making the right moves, these buyers are ensuring they stay financially secure for years to come by saving up to pay off their home loans on a faster timeline.

The Benefactor

You may consider yourself a good friend, but how good of a friend are you in comparison to 5% of our customers who are gifting gold to their friends? Keep your friends close, and your friends who make stable investments, closer.  

The Prepper

It’s not always easy to maintain a positive outlook, but it can be even harder to have the foresight to prepare for a bumpy road ahead. Thankfully, 5% of account holders are investing to protect themselves and their financial futures from systemic failure.

The Worldly Wise

The world is your oyster, and with Rush Gold, you can forget about pearls and send money overseas through gold, free of charge. It really is as easy as that—take it from 3% of our customers who are using the secure Rush platform to send money overseas.

The Debt Star

The first step to financial freedom is complete independence and that’s just what 9% of Rush Gold buyers are aiming for when they invest their money in gold to pay off their bills. Your financial future takes a more positive turn when you make strategic moves to secure it against every eventuality. 

The Explorer

Did none of the previous gold buyer personas sound like you? 

Feeling like an outlier just navigating your way through the opportunities of gold investment as best as you can? 

You’re not alone. 

19% of Rush Gold customers know that it’s wise to put their money in an investment that has proven itself over centuries, but they’re not sure where it might lead them. We call them the explorersnothing wrong with speculating in gold!

Not sure what the future holds for you, as a gold buyer?

The investment market can be volatile and gold is no different. Inflation and dips in gold prices are commonplace. 

Through it all, however, gold has held its place of honour as a reliable and stable investment option all over the world

As cryptocurrencies rise and fall and their ability to hold down the future of finance is debated, gold has once again become a more rational choice. 

Here at Rush Gold, we bring the stability and protection of physical gold with the convenience and cutting-edge features of an award-winning digital platform. Diversify your portfolio, prepare for your retirement, pay off your debts, or simply explore where gold could take you when you join Rush Gold today. 

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