Gold Returns 2000—2020

Gold can preserve your buying power

Holding gold can preserve your buying power as inflation reduces the value of national currencies like the AUD.

Source: House price is the median for Australia across all single-family dwellings. Food costs are the estimated minimum monthly costs for a family of four. Petrol prices are the national average . Medical costs are the median monthly costs for a family of four.

All the gold in the world

All the gold in the world

If all of the gold ever mined in history was melted down, it would make a cube 22 metres on a side and would fit into just two Olympic swimming pools.

Half the world's gold

Half the world's gold

Almost half of the gold ever mined came from a single mine in South Africa that is now almost completely depleted.

No major gold discoveries

No major gold discoveries

With no major new gold discoveries in the past 3 years, the U.S. Geological Service says there is approximately one additional swimming pool full left to discover and mine.

Understanding gold price history empowers you to make better investments

While gold has a reputation for remaining stable and increasing in value over time, understanding gold price history gives you the ability to forecast future trends. Why does this matter?

Well, if you’re planning on buying and selling gold, understanding the right time to make your move comes down to understanding its history. This is the same if you want to gift gold or pay with gold.

On the all-new Rush Gold app, now available on The App Store and on Google Play, we help you keep track of gold price history in line with various timelines, including months and years. This way, you make sure that whatever your next move is, it’s one that’s aligned with your investment interests.

For a quick idea of what the gold market looks like right now, scroll up. If you’d like more real-time insights, though, or would like to take a look a little further back, download the Rush Gold app and get started.

Why Rush Gold and why digital gold?

While traditional gold buyers prefer to hold their nuggets in their hands, digital gold is the newer, more secure way of becoming a gold investor.

At Rush Gold, the gold you buy, gift or sell is digital. Your gold is stored in independently-managed vaults by Brink’s, a service provider with a history of securing precious metal, we give you a digital title of ownership.

This can be sold and brought as instantly as a bank transfer—no fuss, no stress.

Digital gold also means that you can use this as a form of currency to pay for goods and services, and works similar to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay—Rush Gold Debit supports all three options as well (Australia only).

Beyond this, you’re also able to empower your nearest and dearest with their own digital titles to gold and help them enjoy a more financially stable future.

To do all of this in a way that lines up with your interests, understanding how well gold is performing in the investment market is important. That is why we urge investors to keep a close eye on gold price trends.

What does the gold price history really look like?

Gold has a history that is as long as civilisation itself. Empires have come and gone but gold remains. It buys as much in goods as it did 2,000 years ago.

Why, then, does the history of gold prices matter?

We empower you with this information because you’re able to see what the right time to buy or to sell is. Without this information, buying and selling gold may be more like taking a shot in the dark!

Currently, gold sits well above the AUD $2,000 mark.

While it’s a little harder to predict how prices will move at any point in the future, keeping an eye on and tracking gold price history will give you some idea of what to expect.

On the Rush Gold app, checking gold prices at any time in the past (and in real-time) is relatively easy. We have a specific section dedicated to our gold price chart, the timelines for which you can toggle with a few taps.

If you take a look at the gold price chart above, you’ll be able to understand and analyse how gold has performed through the ages.

While there are dips in the value of gold, they tend to be temporary setbacks. This helps you remain realistic and informed about the investment decisions you make as well as when you want to sell gold, or use your Rush Gold Debit (Australia only).

If you want to keep a close eye on the market, this is possible on the Rush Gold App. Just open up our gold price history section and take a look at daily, weekly or monthly trends.

Even if you aren’t interested in keeping track of the gold price history, you can choose to buy gold, digitally, and save it for a rainy day. Given that gold is a scarce resource, the asset has a way of appreciating over time.

Is gold the best investment for me?

At Rush Gold, we believe that gold is for everyone. Regardless of what your interests are, how much money you’ve saved or are making or what your goals are, gold is an investment that has value through the ages.

While gold is identified as a stable investment, however, please note that like all others, it does have its own set of risks. At Rush Gold, we provide you with the right insights to make investment decisions that are best for you—please do so at your own discretion.

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